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JASON BUYSSE's Profile Image
JASON BUYSSE, 3+ years ago
Joni Vest's Profile Image
Joni Vest, 3+ years ago

Neyer plumbers are knowledgeable and friendly!

Debbie Lipps's Profile Image
Debbie Lipps, 3+ years ago

The plumbers were very nice and professional. Got the job done efficiently and did very good work!

Sandy Heitmeyer's Profile Image
Sandy Heitmeyer, 3+ years ago
Kelly Dehan's Profile Image
Kelly Dehan, 3+ years ago

I cannot say enough good words for the wonderful job that Ken Neyer Plumbing did for us.
After years of repairing several leaks, we had to replace some underground pipe due to the lousy quality of the blue max pipe that was laid in 1989 when our building was built. Doug was able to provide a quick quote and start the job immediately. We had obtained a quote from another company who was having trouble getting the job scheduled, so after reading great reviews, we contacted Ken Neyer Plumbing. They did not change the amount quoted even after an underground complication on the job. Call them. You will not be sorry.

Peter Roman's Profile Image
Peter Roman, 3+ years ago

Professionals all the way. Great, fast, reliable service.

Bill Meier's Profile Image
Bill Meier, 3+ years ago

I had a sub pump fail and when the tech came out. He gave me a couple of options. One option was they would sell me the pump and install it for $500 or if I would provide my own pump they would do the install for $200. I opted to buy my own pump from a local hardware store for $150 they did the install for $200 which of course saved me $150. So their honesty and giving me different options has cemented a very positive reputation for me. I will definitely do business with them again in the future. As a side note the reason for the cost difference for the pump for buying it from them vs myself is if I bought it from them it comes with additional guarantees and if you want that piece of mind it might be worth it to you to buy it directly from them.

Harrell Smith's Profile Image
Harrell Smith, 3+ years ago

Corey and Phil were great. They were both very professional and personable. The work was done in a timely manner and fast. On another note my wife claimed she smelled gas after the installation. I contacted Shelley who also was very pleasant and professional on the phone. She stated she would contact Corey about the matter. I spoke with Corey, whom at the time was in Harrison; informed me he would come back to make sure things were go to go. Most companies would have waited until the next day but Corey came back to my location at approx. 6:15 pm to verify all fittings were installed correctly and there were no gas leakage. That say a lot about Neyer and the employees working for you. Thanks again Neyer, Corey, Phil and Shelley

Keshya Becker's Profile Image
Keshya Becker, 3+ years ago

Mark and Austin arrived on-time this morning (08/19/15)! Let's start there. Very happy to have people respect others time and when you're having plumbing issues, it's greatly appreciated. They were courteous and patient to explain what was happening and what they were doing. Cleaned-up after the job was done and even throw the dog's toys for them to chase while I wrote out their payment. I would definitely call again and would like for them to return to perform services. Of course I hope I don't need to anytime soon. :) Thank you.

Eric Koren's Profile Image
Eric Koren, 3+ years ago

Jim and his team are the very professional and we versed in all areas of residential and commercial plumbing. Cronin Ford would recommend them for any need you have. They have the fast and friendly staff. When you call in and get to speak to a real person that cares what your needs are gets you to the right person the first time.

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