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Do You Need Backflow Prevention Service?

Backflow is when water flows in the wrong direction through a plumbing system: instead of freshwater flowing to the wastewater system, wastewater flows into the freshwater system. This can occur because of either an increase in pressure on the wastewater side or a drop in pressure on the freshwater side. For example, a common cause of backflow is a massive drain of freshwater from fire hydrants or emergency sprinklers due to a fire.

Backflow is dangerous because it allows contaminant-filled water loaded with dangerous bacteria to enter the water used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. For this reason, most businesses as well as some residential buildings have backflow prevention devices installed. The check valve in the backflow preventer stops water from moving the wrong direction.

When Backflow Prevention Services Are Necessary

You probably don’t have a backflow preventer for your house, since there are few cross-connections where the drainage and freshwater system connect to each other. (The dishwashing machine is one of the few appliances where backflow can occur, and backflow prevention is built into them.) However, if you own a commercial building, a backflow preventer is usually a necessity. On a regular basis, you’ll receive a notice from the city that the device requires testing—and this is a job for professionals only. In order for your backflow preventer to pass its test, it must have a specially-certified plumber handle the work.

If your backflow prevention device doesn’t pass the test, you must arrange to have the device either repaired or replaced. Our plumbers can take care of both the testing and any necessary repair/replacement services. We’ll make sure your business doesn’t suffer a shutdown because of a backflow prevention device violation.

If you have any concerns about backflow prevention, including whether your business or home in Cleves, OH requires one, you can always rely on our plumbers, who are extensively trained and licensed for both commercial and residential plumbing.

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