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4 Reasons to Replace Your Bathroom Toilet

There are many essential plumbing components in a home: shower heads, sink faucets, garbage disposals, water heaters. But few are more important for simply getting through the day than a working bathroom toilet. Any time your toilet starts to leak, overflow, run continuously, or clog, don’t hesitate to call on a professional plumber to fix it.

At some point, you may want to have an older toilet replaced, which is another job for skilled plumbers. Below are 4 reasons to have a new toilet put in:

  • The porcelain is cracked: Even a tiny hairline crack in the porcelain of the bowl or tank of a toilet is a significant problem. These cracks will soon enlarge and create leaks. Leaking, no matter how minor, will inflict tremendous damage to the floor and even ruin it. A cracked bowl or tank should be replaced.
  • The toilet clogs all the time: If you need to unclog your toilet at least once a week to the point that you keep the plunger on hand at all times, then the toilet is no longer capable of doing its job. Replacing it is a better plan than relying on the plunger.
  • You need to repair the toilet regularly: As a toilet starts to wear down from years of use, it will need frequent repairs to replace gaskets, the fill valve, the flapper, etc. Look at your repair bills and then weigh them against replacing the toilet, and that will help you make the best choice.
  • You want to save water: Old toilets can use up to 6 gallons per flush. Newer toilets, even ones that aren’t specifically low-flush models, will use much less than that. If you have high water bills, the toilet may be one of the reasons. (The toilet is the appliance that uses the most water in a house.)

You can count on Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for all your bathroom plumbing needs in Cincinnati, OH. We replace toilets and offer 24-hour emergency repair service whenever you need it.

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