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The 5 Most Common Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Mistakes

leak-under-sinkYou have a plumbing problem in your home that needs to be fixed. Or perhaps you’re planning on making an upgrade to the current plumbing, such as putting in a new fixture. (That old sink and faucet in the master bathroom looks tired, time to spruce it up.)

However, before you leap onto the job and become a DIY hero, take some time to look at 5 of the most common mistakes a do-it-yourselfer plumber can make.

#1 – Doing it yourself, period

Spoilers! You can avoid reading the rest of this list because, except for the simplest tasks like cleaning out a faucet aerator or using a sink plunger on a basic clog, you shouldn’t take on plumbing repairs or installations on your own. A few wrenches and an online guide will not make you into a professional plumber! All the mistakes we’ve listed below are to show you why you shouldn’t attempt the work on your own and instead call for plumbing in Hamilton, OH from our licensed experts.

#2 – Forgetting to shut off the water

(Still reading, huh?) Here’s an error amateurs often make because it’s easy to forget the basic steps involved in any plumbing repair unless you work on plumbing day in and day out. A DIY plumber may think they can make a quick change in the plumbing, such as putting in a new valve or faucet, without worrying about shutting off the water main. What happens? Water sprays into the room and causes extensive water damage.

#3 – Not having the right tools for the job

(Are you still reading this? Call a plumber, you’ll get the job over with quick. Link at the bottom!) Tackling any plumbing service requires having the right tools at hand before starting the work. Planning is essential, and if you find yourself caught without the exact tool you need, it can mean days of delay or yet another massive pipe leak. Many of the tools necessary are professional grade, and too expensive anyway so … why haven’t you called a professional yet?

#4 – Using drain cleaners as a shortcut

We can’t emphasize enough how using drain cleaners isn’t a quick way to fix a drain clog on your own. You can use a drain snake or a plunger—this is a rare case where it’s fine to try to do a plumbing fix on your own—but if those don’t work, pouring chemicals down the drain is not the answer. This is when we recommend calling a licensed plumber for thorough drain cleaning.

#5 – Just call a professional

We could’ve gone on with many more plumbing glitches and goof-ups that DIYers make—believe us, we’ve been in business long enough to have seen many messed-up amateur plumbing repairs. However, there’s no point in going on. You shouldn’t be trying fixes or repairs yourself. It won’t save you money or time, and will likely cost you in both. A licensed plumber has the skills, tools, knowledge, permits, and insurance to have any work done fast and correctly, without damage to your home or further problems to deal with.

Give the professional plumbers at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. the job—and we’ll see it’s done right! Serving Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding Tri State area Since 1972.

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