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Here’s the Biggest Myth About Plumbing

wrenchesThere are so many misunderstandings about how plumbing works and how to fix problems with it that we could probably base our whole blog just on writing about them. These myths range from understandable confusions to the downright odd. Here’s some quick debunking of a few:

  • No, animals cannot swim upstream into your plumbing and out through the toilets.
  • Chemical drain cleaners are not an acceptable solution to getting rid of clogs. They can actually damage the drainpipes.
  • The kitchen disposal can’t chop up everything you put down it. Many food items and all non-organic waste need to be kept out.
  • Speaking of disposals, you can’t “sharpen the blades” of a disposal by pouring ice cubes into the hopper. Disposals don’t even use sharp blades!
  • Minor dripping faucets are a big deal: the cumulative water waste is enormous.

But we would like to focus on the biggest myth about plumbing, one that’s incredibly harmful: Most plumbing jobs are easy to fix and can be done DIY.

Truth: Most Plumbing Jobs Require Trained Professionals

We’re not sure exactly why plumbing attracts so many “do-it-yourselfers.” Maybe it’s something about the wonder of buying a beautiful set of tools and wrenches and wanting to put them to use. Yes, there are some basic plumbing tasks a homeowner can do on their own, like putting aerators into faucet heads.

But in most cases, amateur plumbing repairs and installations can lead to big problems—such as water damage and structural damage. These are expensive issues for a home, and certainly outweigh any small savings you might pick up from going DIY. Professional plumbers in Cleves, OH (licensed, insured, bonded) will get the job done correctly and keep away other expenses. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the work was done right. Professional plumbers will also see the work is done fast.

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