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Want to Cut Down on Water Usage? We Have Some Advice!

hand-opening-faucetNobody really wants to waste water. But it’s too easy to fall into patterns in a home that lead to water waste or to let basic plumbing tasks that can lower water consumption go undone. Eventually, you might find yourself looking at water bills that seem far too high—higher than you remember paying.

Water conservation isn’t a single task, but a series of connected ones. You can change your household’s water-using habits, have plumbing troubles fixed, and have low-flow fixtures and appliances installed. Below is a list of ways to save water, from basics to jobs you can arrange with a licensed plumber.

Replace old toilets with low-flow models

Around 40% of all indoor water use goes to the bathroom toilets. So if you have an old toilet that uses far more water than the newer models, you’re missing out on a chance to make a deep cut into your monthly water costs.

If you have a toilet that’s 20 years older or more, it might use 5–6 gallons per flush. A standard newer toilet uses 2–3, while a special low-flow model uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. No matter what type of toilet you’re replacing, a low flow model can allow you to save thousands of gallons of water each year.

Put in low-flow showerheads

This is the second most useful low-flow fixture for a home after low-flow toilets. Showers are a huge source of indoor water use, and when you cut down the flow from the showerhead by more than half, it makes an enormous difference in household water consumption.

Schedule leak detection

If you’re stumped about the high amount of water your house is using—you know you can’t be using that much more—then we advise calling us for professional leak detection. Hidden leaks in homes account for massive water waste across the country each year, and they can also cause other problems like building damage and the growth of harmful molds.

Our licensed plumbers use the best technology to pinpoint where your home has leaks. We can then fix them to give you a watertight house.

Shorten those showers

Taking overlong showers is one of those bad habits that it’s easy to lapse into. We know a shower can feel relaxing, but if a shower goes more than five minutes, it becomes highly wasteful. Make sure that you and the rest of the people in your household reduce the time in the shower to five minutes and under.

Use the dishwasher—but only when it’s full

The dishwasher uses less water than hand-washing that same amount of dishes, utensils, and cookware. But to get the full water-saving benefit from the dishwasher, only run it with a full load. You can also run it on a gentle cycle to further lower water consumption.

Call on a professional plumber in Cincinnati, OH to learn more about how to reduce your water usage. Our plumbers can help with installing new fixtures and detecting/repairing leaks. We have the best plumbers and operators to accomplish all your plumbing needs.

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