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Should I Have an Automatic Shut Off Valve Installed for My Home?

Whenever you go on a vacation, are you worried about some disaster striking your house when you’re away? It’s only natural that you should have some concerns about leaving your home empty for a stretch, but if you take the proper precautions, you can ease your mind about most of these troubles.

One very important precaution you should have installed in your home is an automatic shut-off valve (also known as an emergency shut off valve) for the plumbing. This device is designed to stop home flooding that can occur because of leaks and breaks in the plumbing system.

Is my home really in need of an automatic shut off valve?

Yes! In fact, all homes should have this precaution installed into their plumbing system. Any house can suffer from water damage due to leaking. Even a small amount of water escaping from a pipe or around the base of a toiler will create cumulative damage that is very expensive to repair. A large leak can cause drastic problems that may require thousands of dollars of flood remediation work.

An automatic shut off valve serves as a constant guard on your plumbing system, whether you’re home or away on an extended trip. Whenever there’s an unexpected change in water pressure that indicates water escaping from someplace it shouldn’t, the valve closes off the water flow throughout the house. This reaction will occur before you even have a chance to notice the issue, and that means the amount of water damage will be as limited as possible.

It takes professionals to install automatic shut off valves, since they are attached to the water main—and you don’t want to tamper with the water main if you don’t have the training and equipment.

Call on Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH to schedule an automatic shut off valve installation for your house. We also provide regular maintenance and repairs for emergency shut off valves.

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