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Tips for Doing Drain Unclogging the Right Way

Last week, we wrote a blog post about the ways you can avoid drain clogs. But there’s no way that you prevent all drain clogs ahead of time. At some point, you’ll have a slow drain or a complete stoppage in a kitchen or bathroom drain. How do you get rid of the clog? We’ll look at the right way to deal with the problem—which includes knowing what the wrong way is.

Use a sink plunger

A standard sink plunger is a useful tool that every home should have. In the case of basic and minor clogs, a plunger can often clear out the problem quickly. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re resorting to using the plunger often, then there’s likely something wrong with the drains or sewer line that will require working with professional plumbers.

Try a hand-crank drain snake

Simple drain snakes you can purchase at stores are also very useful when it comes to drain clogs. If a plunger can’t do the trick, try the drain snake. (As with a plunger, when drain snaking becomes too frequent, call for a plumber!)

Don’t use liquid drain cleaners!

This is the definition of the wrong way to clean drains. Liquid drain cleaners that you can purchase at stores are made up of acidic chemicals (mostly lye) that are both harmful for the drains and will not effectively eliminate most of the buildup inside the drainpipe. Basically, they do an ineffectual jobs that will create cumulatively harmful side-effects. No professional plumber recommends them.

Call for drain cleaning from licensed plumbers

If you’ve tried a few safe tactics to clear the clog, but it won’t give, then you need to call on professional plumbers to tackle the problem. Licensed plumbers use special tools such as mechanical drain snakes and high-pressure hydro-jetters to eliminate clogs as well as the buildup that leads to them. And they do it without hurting your plumbing.

Contact Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH when you need emergency drain unclogging. We have 24-hour service available.

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