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Consider Installing a Tankless Water Heater—Here’s Why

When most people think of water heaters, what comes to mind is a large metal tank where water is kept at a constant high temperature so it’s ready whenever a hot water tap comes on in a house. This type of water heater is called a storage tank water heater. They may be the most widely known and used residential water heaters, but they aren’t the only type. A unit that has become popular in Europe and now in the United States is the tankless water heater. If you are in the market for a new water heater for your home, you should give serious consideration to going tankless. Here are some reasons why:

Never run out of hot water

Yes, you read that correctly. A tankless water heater is an “on demand” system, which means that it heats up water only as it is needed. When a tap comes on demanding hot water, a heat exchanger superheats the water moving through the pipes. Because there is no standing supply of water that can be depleted and then slowly heated up again, you won’t have to worry about the hot water running out.

Lower energy bills

It takes a large amount of energy to keep a tankful of water at 120–140°F. A tankless system, on the other hand, only uses energy when there is a demand for hot water. Installing a tankless water heater will result in reduced energy bills, helping the system to pay for its own installation after only a few years.

Smaller space requirements

A water tank takes up a significant amount of space in a home. But a tank water heater is small, unobtrusively attached to the wall.

Greater longevity

The stress of keeping water constantly heated will wear down a storage tank water heater over time. Tankless systems don’t endure this same level of strain, and will usually last much longer—which is additional time to enjoy all the other benefits.

To find out more about tankless water heaters, call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH.

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