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The Benefits of Trenchless Technology for Your Commercial Plumbing


Here’s what trenchless technology can help you avoid.

You may have heard of trenchless technology before, but weren’t certain exactly what the term meant, or if it had any particular application for your business. Trenchless technology is a type of lateral boring technique that was originally developed in the 1930s to help with coal mining.

Soon after, the technology was put to use in the fields of civic plumbing and engineering, allowing for the laying of new pipeline, telephone wires, and electric conduits without the disruption of streets, sidewalks, and other infrastructure. Eventually, trenchless technology became available for both commercial and residential plumbing, making it easier to repair and replace buried pipelines as a substitute for conventional digging techniques.

Where Trenchless Technology Can Work for Your Business

There are a number of uses for trenchless technology, but the place where it is best for a business is in handling problems and replacements with the sewer line. From the distance where the sewer line exits your building to the point where it crosses under the property line, it is your responsibility to care for, not the municipal water and power company. Because the sewer line is usually buried down in a trench along the property, it isn’t easy to access if the line develops leaks or root infiltration—or if it needs to be replaced entirely. (For older buildings with galvanized steel sewer lines, it’s probably a wise idea to have them replaced sooner rather than later, since steel corrodes over time.)

The standard method to reach a sewer line and repair it is with excavation equipment that opens up the trench where the pipe is buried. To replace the pipeline means opening up the entire trench, a process that can take a few days. A business will suffer major disruption during this time, with the property resembling an archaeological dig or construction site. Even after the work is completed, the re-landscaping (or in some cases, re-hardscaping) will leave behind unsightly visible traces.

Trenchless technology removes almost all these hassles. First of all, the process is much quicker. Our experts can usually handle a full sewer line replacement job in under a day. Repair work takes even less time. You’ll suffer little interruption to your work.

Second, trenchless replacement and repair don’t require extensive digging. At most, only two small holes need to be dug so the hydraulic equipment can access the opposite side of the pipe where the work needs to be done. For a replacement, it usually only requires one hole excavated at the property line, and the replacement pipe goes in through the inside of the building.

Third, trenchless technology is a money-saver. It requires less labor, less time, and doesn’t need huge digging equipment. There are no downsides at all to choosing a commercial plumbing contractor who does trenchless pipeline repair and replacement.

We offer extensive services for commercial plumbing in Fairfield, OH. Along with our trenchless technology to serve your business, we offer new construction plumbing and 3D plumbing design. You can rely on us to take care of all your commercial plumbing needs.

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