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4 Facts to Know About Drain Cleaning

bubbling-drainProfessional cleaning of drains is an important plumbing job. It’s also misunderstood, and this leads to many homeowners neglecting to have it done at the right time, or attempting to do it in a way that ends up creating more problems.

We’ve been handling drain cleaning in Hamilton, OH and throughout Greater Cincinnati for over 40 years, so we have an in-depth understanding of the best way to handle this service and the best times to have it done. To improve your home life with better plumbing, we’d like to go over some important facts about drain cleaning to help clear up some of the most frequent misunderstandings about this service.

ONE: Drain Cleaning Is a Routine Maintenance Job

If you think of drain cleaning as something you need done when you’ve got a major clog in a toilet, sink, shower, or other drain in the home, then—you’re right! You definitely want plumbing pros to take care of this trouble if a basic sink or toilet plunger can’t. (Don’t use chemical drain cleaners! See below.)

However, drain cleaning is not only for emergencies. We strongly recommend you schedule drain cleaning with us each year. This helps drain performance and eliminates the build-up that will eventually cause clogs. Our professionals will also take a closer look at the drains to spot where you may need repairs. It’s an excellent preventive service that will keep your plumbing in the best of health.

TWO: Pouring Store-Bought Cleaners Down the Drains Is NOT Drain Cleaning

Commercially available drain cleaners are advertised heavily on television and the internet, so we understand why homeowners often think they’re the answer to drain cleaning issues. But no professional plumber uses these chemicals or recommends anyone else use them. They can temporarily unclog a drain, but they don’t remove the build-up—i.e. they don’t clean much at all, and the clogs will soon come back.

There’s a bigger problem with chemical drain “cleaners”: they damage the drainpipe material. The acidic action can eat through plastic and create corrosion in metal. The chemicals are also highly poisonous and end up in landfills. Please leave these chemicals on the store shelf!

THREE: Drain Snakes Are Great, But Professionals Have the Best Drain Snakes

Aside from the plunger, there’s another tool that’s helpful for simple clogs: the drain snake, aka the drain auger. A simple hand-cranked drain snake inserted into a drain can often clear out obstructions. But professional plumbers have motorized drain snakes capable of getting through the most obstinate clogs. These drain snakes are expensive professional tools, and you only want experts using them on your drains.

FOUR: Hydro-Jetting Is the Best Drain Cleaning Method

Our plumbers use drain snakes when they think they’re the best approach to cleaning out clogs. But when it comes to comprehensive preventive drain cleaning, we use hydro-jetting equipment. Hydro-jetters scour the inside of drainpipes with powerful blasts of high-pressure water. It’s safe for the drains and leaves them free of build-up and debris—a “like new” condition. Hydro-jetting is what makes professional drain cleaning so … professional!

Schedule quality drain cleaning this fall. Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. has served the Greater Cincinnati and surrounding Tri State area since 1972.

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