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The Power of Video Pipe Inspection for Drain Cleaning

sewer-lineDrain cleaning is a plumbing job that people often connect with getting rid of tough clogs or annoying slow drains. Those are definitely important reasons to schedule this service. Frequently overlooked, however, is the importance of drain cleaning as part of routine maintenance for plumbing. The best way to deal with clogged drains is to stop them from happening in the first place, and arranging for annual drain cleaning from skilled plumbing professionals is the best way to get this done.

We often talk about hydro-jetting on our blog: it’s one of the greatest tools a pro plumber has to clean drains. We have more than forty-five years of experience with using powerful hydro-jetting for homes and businesses. But today we want to shine a light on another indispensable tool for our drain cleaners, and that’s video pipe inspection equipment.

The Miniature Camera and the Really Really Long Cable

It’s amazing that we walk around now with powerful cameras installed in our phones that take up almost no space. This miniaturization technology is what allows for the pipe inspection camera. A small digital camera is mounted on the end of fiber optic cable, which a plumber inserts into either a drain or a clean-out. The cable is long enough—especially in commercial models—to snake the entirety of the drain and the length of the sewer line. An LED bulb mounted beside the camera provides light for the camera, which sends back clear images to a monitor for the plumber to see.

Video Pipe Inspection in Action

There are many uses for this miniaturized camera and cable in plumbing. For example, plumbers use it for pipeline inspections to determine if a damaged pipe needs targeted repair work or if it’s ready to be ripped out and replaced.

For drain cleaning, the video images from the camera give important information to the plumber.

  • The nature of the clogging or build-up in the pipe. This informs the plumber what tools to put to use to clear out the obstruction or get rid of the build-up. There are many different direction nozzles for hydro-jetters, and the images help the plumber know which nozzle to use.
  • The location of the problem. A plumber can determine how deep the drain cleaning issues go and how much work must be done to clean them.
  • The extent of the problem. With the video images, a plumber may find additional troubles that weren’t obvious before, such as leaks or tree root infiltration. The plumber can also determine if heavy corrosion makes drain replacement a better option.
  • Checking on the job afterward. Once the plumber is finished with drain cleaning, a second video inspection will show if the job is complete.

When you need drain cleaning in Cincinnati, OH and nearby areas, either for your residential or commercial property, the team at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. are the ones to call. We use the best in current technology like video pipe inspection, and our hydro-jetting services are among the finest you’ll find in the region.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. has served Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding Tri State area since 1972.

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