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The Major Reasons You Need Drain Cleaning

bubbling-drainHamilton, OH drain cleaning service is something we recommend our customers have done once a year. This is an excellent preventive service since it will keep away clogs during the next year (not a guarantee, but close to one) and keep the drainpipes healthy in general. But drain cleaning is also a service customers may need to call for as an emergency measure because of a stopped-up sink, shower, or toilet.

We’re going to list the main reasons that drain cleaning is a job your house will need, either as a proactive measure or a reactive solution. When in doubt, you can trust us to solve whatever problem is affecting your plumbing.


This is the #1 cause of clogging occurring in bathroom sinks, showers, and bathtubs. It’s almost impossible to stop some hair from flowing down these drains, even with a strainer over the drain. (Every bathroom drain should have strainers and drain covers). Hair rapidly gets tangled inside the drains and especially builds up in the p-trap, the curved pipe section under the drain. Routine cleaning keeps hair snags from getting too large, and emergency cleaning can break through the toughest hair clog.

Soap Scum

This problem affects both bathroom and kitchen drains. If a drain pipe isn’t draining well, it makes it easier for soap scum to accumulate and eventually create slow drains and even full clogs. Soap scum can also threaten the pipes, since chemical reactions from the soap can create corrosion, and putting drain cleaners down the drains will accelerate this. Let the professionals clear out the soap scum from your drains.

Fats, Oils, And Grease

Collectively known as “FOG,” the fats, oils, and grease from cooking can rapidly turn into a nightmare in your kitchen plumbing. FOG looks harmless when hot because it’s in liquid form. But when it cools in the drains, it turns into a waxy layer that allows other organic deposits build-up. You can take steps to keep FOG from the drains by pouring it into another receptacle and scheduling annual drain cleaning to wipe it away.

Hard Water Deposits

When the water entering your home through the municipal system contains too many minerals (magnesium, gypsum, calcium), the water is said to be hard. This isn’t harmful to drink, but it’s terrible for the piping. Limescale develops along the walls of the pipes as the minerals dissolve from the water, and these hard deposits will continue to grow until the pipeline volume decreases. This spikes water pressure, causes leaks, and makes clogging more likely. Drain cleaning can get rid of these deposits, but we strongly advise you have a water softener installed to eliminate hard water problems.

Toys and Other Small Objects

Sometimes a clogged drain happens because someone dropped a toy or a cellphone down a drain. (Cellphones often slip out of shirt pockets when people aren’t paying attention.) This is a case where regular drain cleaning isn’t much help—you’ll want to call for drain unclogging right away. You may even be able to retrieve the object. Although if it’s a cellphone, it probably won’t be working anymore.

Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. to schedule drain cleaning service in Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding Tri-State area.

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