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When Are Excavation Services Necessary?

Excavation services are usually required when something needs to be overhauled underground. Like, for instance, when you need a new septic tank installed or if your main water line is falling apart and needs to be replaced. While this might seem like an intrusive and intense process, times have changed and there are affordable alternatives to excavation services when you work with a professional team.

Today, we’re going to talk about two specific types of underground plumbing work and when they’re necessary. The first is trenchless pipe lining, which is a service that doesn’t require excavation. This is for pipe leaks and whole pipe replacements. The second is excavation services in Fort Mitchell, KY, which are reserved for the more intense and expansive procedures you might require for your home plumbing.

We’ll discuss the difference between the two procedures and talk about when excavation services are necessary.

Two Types of Plumbing Situations

There are two types of plumbing situations: quick fixes and huge operations. Quick fixes can be anything easily addressed without digging up a trench on your property. Things like leaking pipes, tree root infiltration, and other minuscule issues are too small to spend hours with powerful equipment digging up your property. This is why it’s important to know that there are other solutions that aren’t digging up trenches and doing hands-on work.

However, when there’s a huge operation that needs professional attention, excavation is usually required. For instance, if your plumbing system needs to be overhauled, or your septic tank needs to be replaced, this isn’t something that can be done without digging up much of your property. But this is where having a team that’s full of experts and master plumbers is going to make a big difference.

When to Invest in Trenchless Services

Trenchless solutions are great because they allow a professional to fix your plumbing system without digging anything up. Here are a few reasons why trenchless work could be for you:

  • Pipe leaks. This is the most common reason for trenchless work. A leaking pipe doesn’t really call for your property to be excavated as much as it used to.
  • Tree root infiltration. Tree roots are a pesky problem for underground pipes. But they can easily be fixed with pipe lining.
  • Burst pipe. Burst pipes are huge problems in the spring when temperatures warm up and ice begins to thaw. This can also be fixed with pipe lining services.

When to Invest in Excavation Services

How intense is your plumbing need? Do you need entire sets of sewer lines replaced? Or perhaps your main water line has completely corroded and it needs to be replaced? Unfortunately, in these cases you’re going to have to consider having a professional team excavate your land to set things up the right way. We can work with you to figure out a long-term solution so that you don’t need any additional excavation work for years to come.

Excavation Is Worth It When Done Professionally

Don’t try to excavate your land for plumbing work by yourself. And likewise, don’t hire an amateur for this kind of intense work. This should only be left for professionals so that your home and property can be in great shape afterward.

Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for trenchless services as well as excavation services when you need them.

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