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3 Water Saving Strategies for Your Home

It’s become pretty clear in Cincinnati that water prices are going upwards for a variety of reasons. As the summer months bring hot temperatures, we’re using water more and more, which means there’s a higher demand. With more demand for water, the prices will increase.

On June 22, 2021, the Cincinnati City Council voted to increase water rates by 25.95% over the next five years. This is on top of the 85% increase that has occurred since 2008. Water is getting more expensive and it’s obvious we can’t afford to waste it anymore. With that said, our team of expert plumbers in Covington, KY would like to talk about some water-saving strategies that could help save you money even with this news.

From high-efficiency appliances to best practices, there are a lot of ways homeowners in our area can limit their water usage without it making much of an impact on their day-to-day lives.

Invest in High-Efficiency Appliances

Many older homes in our area have toilets and sinks that look aesthetically pleasing but use almost double the water that efficient models do. Take a toilet, for instance. Newer models are super-efficient, using fewer gallons per flush than older, outdated toilets. This improvement means that you can save on your water bill every month.

Likewise, there are showerheads and faucets that are high efficiency and aerating. This means they use less water while making it feel as though you’re using just as much as you were before! Invest in one of these high-tech appliances or improvements so you can see the benefit in your budget.

Use Less Water Where You Can

We all know that long, comfortable showers are the best when we’ve had a long day. Especially when you have the appliances to handle your bath or shower, they can be a relaxing end to a day full of hard work and stress. However, you could be adding to your stress by taking longer showers, because you’re using more water than you really need.

Try limiting your time in the shower when you can, or using less water where you can. Instead of washing your car multiple times a month, try just doing it once a month. Or, perhaps you’re using a sprinkler system for your yard that might not need to come on every morning! The more you conserve your water in your own daily habits, the more likely you are to lower your water bill and save down the line.

Know Where Your Water Is Going

This is an important one we can help with. Sometimes a home could be dealing with leaks that are almost impossible to detect. We call these leaks pinhole leaks because they’re usually the size of a pinhole. If your home is leaking water, you could be paying for wasted water that you don’t even know is being wasted!

Try turning off all your water-using appliances and check the water meter. If it shows you still using some water, then you’ve likely got a leak somewhere. Why not call our team to have it located and addressed?

The pros at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. have your back. Call us to invest in ways to save water.

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