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Add a Mesh Screen to Your Plumbing Arsenal

A lot of plumbing work has to do with having the right tool for the job. Not every sink is going to be the right fit for a plunger or a drain snake when a clog has formed, but there’s one tool that’s pretty much universal in the way it fits and the job it does. We’re talking about the mesh screen, or drain screen, and this tool is one that we implore every customer in our area to start using.

The summer is almost here, which means our gardens are starting to fill up with fresh yummy produce that’s going to make for an amazing afternoon snack. Unfortunately, if even just a few of those peels or skins fall into your drain, you might end up needing professional drain cleaning in Hamilton, OH. With the help of a mesh screen, however, you can wash your produce easily and simply without a care in the world knowing that your drain is protected.

What a Mesh Screen Does

Mesh screens might sound simple, but their job is quite complex. In reality, it’s just a screen that’s made out of metal wiring or mesh, that stops contaminants from entering the interior of your drainage system. Sounds simple, right?

Well, mesh screens are usually the perfect size to play defense for your drains, because they allow wastewater and other liquids to enter your drain but stop most solid contaminants. Many of them will even catch coffee grounds and things that are fine powders before they enter your drain and cause damage.

Basically, we’re urging homeowners to always have mesh screens protecting their drains, they can only help your home’s plumbing system.

Protect Your Kitchen From Contaminants

Let’s first start with mesh screens in your kitchen sink. Your kitchen drain probably sees the most action out of all the drains in your home, so it’s important to protect it from contaminants.

A mesh screen will protect your kitchen drain from coffee grounds, food skins, peels, nuts, and other small items that might slip through your fingers and otherwise fall into your drain. This includes normal garbage like plastic and glass!

Use a Mesh Screen for Your Shower Drain Too!

One of the most common contaminants that clog drains in your bathroom is hair. It’s almost unavoidable, since we grow it all over our bodies, it’s natural for hair to end up in your drain after a long shower or bath. Even shaving can lead to a clog in your bathroom sink!

Well, a mesh screen can and will help with drain clogs that come from hair. It’s easy for hair to get tangled in the mesh screen while still allowing the wastewater to enter your plumbing system. Then, you can simply remove or unscrew the mesh screen and throw the contaminants in the garbage.

A Mesh Screen Won’t Replace Professional Service

While we urge homeowners to go out and invest in a mesh screen today, they won’t completely replace professional drain cleaning services. All mesh screens can do is help prolong the time in between drain cleaning. Eventually, your drains will clog even with mesh screens protecting them, and at that point, we can help.

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