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Backflow Prevention Is Key

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It’s common to have a lot of water travel through a commercial property. After all, you might be providing the water needs for a whole group of human beings, not just one or two. This means that your establishment has to be up to code and reliable when it comes to internal plumbing.

One of these measurements is backflow. Backflow is a problem where contaminated water starts flowing in the wrong direction and contaminates all of the freshwater.

This is more of an issue with commercial properties because of the sheer amount of water that can sometimes be contaminated. A backflow preventer in Cincinnati, OH can save you a lot of money and headaches down the line.

Today, we’ll talk about what backflow prevention is, and why our team should be there to install a commercial backflow preventer.

An Example of Backflow

In order to understand how a backflow preventer works, we need to talk about backflow. Here is an example of how backflow can quickly turn into a contamination disaster.

Let’s say your commercial establishment has a main water line that feeds in different directions. Eventually, part of that water line reaches a large sink at a dishwashing station in the cafeteria or restaurant section of the building. This is perfectly normal for many establishments.

However, let’s say the dirty dishes stack up and eventually a pot full of dirty dishwater and contaminants reaches the faucet and due to gravity, the contaminated water starts flowing back into the water line. Even just touching the fresh water can lead to widespread contamination. This is where backflow is a problem, and it can ruin food, as well as make people in your building sick.

3 Reasons to Get a Backflow Preventer

A backflow preventer stops this from happening by only allowing water to flow in one direction. If the water tries flowing backwards, the pipe automatically shuts off access and the water system stops.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it can be a huge boon if you invest in it for the following reasons.

1. Avoid Contamination

Contamination comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s just a meal that tastes bad, other times it can make people incredibly sick, sometimes even to the point of hospitalization. This is a gamble that you never want to take. Avoid contaminating your water by having backflow preventers strategically set up in your building to stop it from happening at all.

2. They’re Affordable and Effective

How expensive is backflow prevention service? Compared to the other types of commercial plumbing you might pay for, it’s dirt cheap!

For how effective and small they are, they’re incredibly affordable and easy for a commercial plumber to install.

3. If Your Plumber or Community Recommends One

Backflow prevention might be a requirement in your local municipality. This means you’ll be fined if you don’t have one set up.

Also, your commercial plumber might recommend one, which is usually a good case to get one installed.

You can always rely on Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for backflow prevention services that are fast and affordable. Contact us today!

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