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Could You Use a Backflow Preventer?

We know, some of this might sound like mumbo-jumbo, but trust us when we say that it might be exactly what your home needs. If you’re constantly dealing with contaminated drinking water in your home, due to gravity, pressure changes, or unfortunate circumstances, you might want to keep reading.

A backflow preventer is a tool that is pretty much universally used by any plumber in Erlanger, KY because of its incredibly narrow yet helpful purpose. Its job is simple, it stops your dirty, waste-water from flowing backward and contaminating your clean drinking water. That’s basically it. Except even when people don’t think they need a backflow preventer, a break in the main water line or the use of a fire hydrant nearby can suddenly decrease the pressure in your pipes, allowing water to then flow back into the city water lines.

This can be a disaster. Today, we’re going to help you avoid that disaster.

Stopping Backflow Before it Happens

Installing a backflow preventer, or asking your local plumber about one, ensures that your pipes only flow in one direction. No matter how pressure changes in nearby water lines, your pipes will be unable to filter your wastewater back to contaminate the fresh supply. A backflow preventer functions as a gate that allows water to cycle in from the public water supply but shuts down when water tries to flow back. This can be a lifesaver, stopping the damage that can be done to a freshwater source through contamination.

Not only that, but many counties in the country require a backflow preventer to be installed so that there isn’t even a chance that the municipal water supply could be contaminated.

Do I Need a Backflow Preventer?

Well, that depends. There are four reasons we could think of as to why you would want to get a backflow preventer installed today.

  • To avoid future problems. Contamination can be a catastrophic problem and it’s a pretty smart idea to prepare for the worst-case scenario.
  • You’re constantly dealing with contamination. As we mentioned above, contamination issues can be terrible. A backflow preventer can be an effective and affordable solution to that problem.
  • Your municipality requires one. If this is your first time hearing about a backflow preventer, you might want to check and make sure your home’s water line is fitted with one.
  • Your plumber recommends one. It’s generally a good idea to listen to your plumber when they recommend something like this. Our plumbers are experienced and are trained to notice when a home could use something like a backflow preventer.

The truth of the matter is, as with all plumbing systems, your pipes are comprised of many pieces of equipment to make sure your water flows efficiently and cleanly from the water source to your home. A backflow preventer is just another one of those tools that can be a great help in giving you peace of mind and help in keeping the water of your community clean and healthy.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. today!

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