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Getting to the Root of a Tree Problem

If you’ve got an older home, then we probably aren’t the only ones who have talked to you about tree roots in your plumbing. On older property, tree roots can be incredibly resilient and will destroy or break apart clay pipes fairly easily.

Before you pick up the bottle of chemical tree root killer, we’d like to discuss the pros and cons of this solution and the differences between chemical root killer and professional service. Sometimes plumbers can provide a service, like trenchless sewer repair, that could take care of the problem without the damage and corrosive byproducts that a chemical root killer would provide. If you’re concerned about your industrial plumbing in Fort Thomas, KY and you believe the tree roots on your property are invading your plumbing, you might want to keep reading for a proper solution.

The Dangers of Chemical Tree Root Killer

Chemical tree root killer is supposed to enter your sewer system and, due to its corrosive nature, be absorbed by the tree and eventually kill the roots. Being able to do this, means that the chemical has to be particularly hazardous to living things, which is why they can be dangerous to have around the house.

A good example of this is copper sulfate, which used to be a drain unclogger and tree root killer, until the long-term corrosive effects on pipes, human health, and the environment. After noticing these effects, the practice was ended because the solution of killing tree roots was just not worth the potential harm these chemicals caused.

Other Solutions

So, why are we talking so much about chemical root killer? Well, because it’s not the only solution, even if many homeowners think it is.

In the past, plumbers had to dig up literal tons of dirt and destroy someone’s lawn in order to replace a pipe that was infiltrated by tree roots. This was expensive and incredibly intensive, usually creating permanent scars on the ground that years of landscaping would be needed to heal. We can absolutely understand the need for a chemical tree root killer in those days since the alternative was just as awful.

Now, with solutions like trenchless pipe repair or pipe installation, using a hydraulic machine that will dig itself a new pipe through the corroded or broken old pipe. That means your lawn and landscaping can remain intact, while all the work is done underground at a much cheaper price. With technology like this, the need for chemical tree root killer has died down—but it’s not gone.

Calling a Plumber

In the case that you encounter a tree root infiltration in your plumbing, some plumbers won’t have the tools necessary to perform a trenchless sewer repair. That means that your possible solutions are either chemical tree root killer or to dig up a huge amount of your lawn for an expensive pipe repair. Why not call a team like ours, with the right set of tools and experience to do the most affordable and environmentally friendly job you could ever imagine?

Give Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. a call for responsible plumbing care when it really matters.

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