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Should You Replace Your Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures?

bathroom-interiorWhen a bathroom feels tired and old, a homeowner often considers doing a remodel. But a full remodel isn’t always the answer, and you may be in a situation where you’re fine with how your bathroom looks—you just want it to ­be more convenient, work better, or help save water. The question you have is whether you should arrange to replace the fixtures in your bathroom.

We handle residential plumbing in Hamilton, OH and throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Tri-State area and have for more than 45 years. We know a little bit about upgrading bathroom plumbing! We can help you make the choice about those bathroom fixture replacements, and the best way to start is to work with our plumbers in person. We can offer you some advice in this blog post, however, to get you started thinking about your choices and what fixtures most need upgrades.

The Toilet

Here’s an essential, the fixture in the bathroom that uses the most water of ­any plumbing fixture in the house. The toilet may seem like an eternal plumbing fixture. But if your bathroom toilet is more than 10 years old, it’s likely a water waster. A low-flow replacement can cut down water use by more than 75% compared to an ancient toilet that consumes 5–6 gallons per flush. Even a new standard toilet is an improvement.

The Shower/Tub

A shower or tub takes up a large amount of space and can turn into an eyesore when out of date. The edges can also turn leaky, and that may lead to serious mold and mildew problems best remediated with a new fixture. Plus, there are many great luxuries with new tub and shower models that can make getting up and getting clean in the morning a more enjoyable experience. Ask plumbers for suggestions on upgrading the shower.

Faucet and Sink

The faucet is another fixture in a bathroom where putting in a low-flow model can make a significant difference on your water use. It’s more than just putting in an aerator! (Although if you haven’t done this, put it on your “to-do” list right away.) As for replacing the whole sink, this can not only improve the design of the bathroom, it can give you more storage space and make the sink easier to keep clean. When you look over the choices for a new sink, you’ll find many fantastic options. (Those vessel sinks are beautiful! Pedestal sinks can also add class, although they sacrifice some storage options.)

The Pipes

Putting in new pipes sounds less exciting than other options—yes, even the toilet—but for a bathroom in a house that’s more than forty years old it’s often one of the smartest replacement choices. Old steel and iron pipes are at a higher risk of leaks, and new copper and plastic pipes are excellent for handling both cold and hot water. How much new piping the bathroom requires is something a licensed plumber can tell you.

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