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Some Reasons Your Sewer May Backup

Few plumbing emergencies are more urgent than when the sewer line backs up, which can cause wastewater to enter a home and all the drains to clog up. If this occurs in your house, you must call on plumbing professionals with experience and the most advanced tools available. Our plumbers will find out what has caused the sewer line trouble in your home and have the problem fixed correctly—so that it stays fixed.

Why sewer lines may back up

There are a number of different causes for this kind of plumbing disaster to strike. Below are some of the more common:

  • Root infiltration: The roots of trees and some shrubs naturally grow toward sources of water and nutrients… and a sewer line definitely counts. The growth of the roots will push into the sewer line through connectors. This can block the sewer line, or can even break it, both of which will cause sewage back up.
  • Line deterioration: This trouble often occurs with older homes that have a sewer line made from outdated material such as steel. Corrosion will even damage the pipe so much that leaks will start allowing in soil that will block up the line.
  • Debris: Excess amounts of fats, oils, and grease going down the sewer line will create a thick build-up inside the sewer line that may eventually clog it, or make it easier for another object to clog it. Items that go down toilets that shouldn’t, such as hand wipes and regular trash, may also cause the line to become completely clogged.

Our plumbers will use techniques such as hydro-jetting to clear out blocked sewer lines. If the sewer line is heavily damaged, we can use trenchless technology to fix the leaks or replace the whole line—and without needing to rip apart your property!

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