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Why You Need the Best Plumbers for New Construction Plumbing

When constructing a new building, whether a residential or commercial one, proper planning for the plumbing is essential. In fact, after the frame and foundation of the building, getting the plumbing done correctly is the most important part of a successful new construction project.

If you’re involved in new construction, you want to make sure that you only hire top quality plumbers who are trained and experienced with the needs of new construction plumbing. Not just ­any plumbing contractor will do! After all, this is one of the most extensive plumbing jobs possible, even if the building is a small single-family home.

The pitfalls of poor new construction plumbing

Have you ever lived in a house where it seemed that drain clogs were just a normal part of everyday life? Or water bills where were extraordinarily high? The problem might have been a shoddy initial plumbing installation. There are many things that can go wrong when an inferior contractor handles new construction plumbing:

  • Bad drainage: Drains that are slow or clog with aggravating frequency is often due to issues such as poor drain venting or pipes that are too narrow.
  • Frequent leaks at joints: Poor fitting of pipes is one of the leading causes of leaks. Usually it will take extensive repiping to stop the pipes from wasting water and creating building damage.
  • Leaking toilets: It’s vital that toilet plumbing is done correctly. If leaking starts around the toilet base, it will lead to serious damage to the subfloor.
  • Low water pressure and water flow: This is another problem that comes from putting in pipes that are the incorrect size. You’ll end up with water pressure issues that can make everyday tasks incredibly inconvenient.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. specializes in commercial and residential new construction plumbing. Call us to arrange for service in Milford, OH and throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area.

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