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The 2 Types of Sump Pumps to Consider for Your Home

Your home may be in danger of experiencing flooding in the basement or crawlspace during the year because of storm conditions, plumbing accidents, or a high water table. This is why a sump pump is an important appliance in many houses: these devices automatically pump out the excess moisture that collects in the lower parts of a building, taking the water from an excavated pit (called the sump) and removing it into the wastewater system or a well.

A sump pump requires professional installation. This isn’t a job you can complete by selecting a model off a shelf then trying to hook it up yourself. Even picking the right model of sump pump can be tricky, starting with choosing between the two basic types that are available:

1. The submersible sump pump

As the name suggests, this is a pump that sits down under the water in the sump itself. Whenever water starts to accumulate within the sump, the pump turns on and draws the water surrounding it through intake valves. The impeller motor inside the pump then pushes the water up through a pipe out of the sump and into the wastewater system. Submersible pumps are energy efficient, but do have the drawback of suffering more wear and tear due to their actual contact with water.

2. The pedestal sump pump

This type of sump pump sits on a platform over the sump, and a pipe runs from the pump down into the pit below. A float in the sump determines when there is water present, which activates the pump to draw water up through the pipe using impeller motors. The water is then sent to the wastewater system. Pedestal pumps use more energy to do their job, but they also tend to last longer than submersible pumps and are easier to service.

To arrange for the installation of the right type of sump pump for you home, call on Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH.

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