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It’s Time to Invest in a Garbage Disposal

Homeowners usually come to us in two categories. The first category is homeowners who don’t think they need a garbage disposal. It seems like a completely unnecessary bit of “convenient technology” to them. The second category is homeowners who couldn’t imagine trying to live without their garbage disposal system.

We understand the first mentality, even if we don’t agree with it. That “quaint farmhouse” feeling of only having the appliances you need makes it easy to deny things like a garbage disposal. But should you deny yourself the pleasures of 21st-century technology because it “seems” like you don’t need it?

Well, buckle up because today we’re going to talk about why you might as well need a garbage disposal! Garbage disposal units in Covington, KY are affordable and effective—and we promise you’ll fall in love with them!

How It Works

A garbage disposal is simple. It catches food waste from your kitchen sink and grinds it up into material that’s suitable to be flushed down the plumbing. That’s it! It operates safely by flipping a switch, so you never have to worry about it functioning when you don’t want it to. It’s a convenient method to prevent plumbing problems like drain clogs and sewer system backups.

What’s the alternative to a garbage disposal? Well, you can use a mesh screen or something to block the food waste from going down the drain. You can dispose of food waste in the trash. But all of these solutions are messy and can get complicated. By disposing of more food waste in the trash, you’re also adding to the problem of more waste from your home.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Garbage disposals aren’t just convenient. They’re an eco-friendly solution to our food waste problem in the United States. Think about it: most municipalities have high-tech waste-cleaning systems that use bacteria to eat waste and keep water clean. This is where our sewage goes and why our lakes and rivers can still have fresh water in them.

When your food waste goes through your garbage disposal system, it’s ground up into a paste that can then be cleaned by your local water treatment plant. This is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. When you dispose of food waste through conventional methods like trash disposal, it will just get sent to a landfill like all the rest of the trash we get rid of.

It’s Convenient Too

Garbage disposals aren’t just an eco-friendly solution to our waste problem. They’re incredibly cost-effective and convenient! You won’t need to call for a plumber to fix your slow or clogged drains because garbage disposals help prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. You never have to worry about cleaning your drain-catching material, since the garbage disposal is an automatic system that can take care of this for you.

Don’t succumb to the idea that you don’t need a garbage disposal. You don’t need a washing machine, or a television, or even your computer. But it makes your life a lot easier and that can sometimes be well worth the price.

The experts at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. can set you up with a new garbage disposal. Call us today!

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