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Do You Need a Water Softener? Yes! Here’s Why

Hard water is a term that not all homeowners are familiar with. We wish this weren’t the case, since it’s something we as plumbers come in contact with all the time.

Hard water is what we call a water source with minerals dissolved in it. These minerals might not be harmful to ingest, but they’re harmful to pretty much everything else. They can make it harder to clean your dishes and your clothes, they can ruin the quality of your hair when you bathe, and they can be extremely harmful for the quality of your plumbing. Basically, hard water is bad for everything in your home, but not for your personal health.

So, why not call us and think about a way to install a water softener? If you’re not convinced from our short introduction, we promise this blog post will give you all the juicy details about why a water softener is so important.

The Problem with Hard Water

So we mentioned briefly about what hard water can do, but we need to go into detail. Each problem comes with more than just an inconvenience to you, but a price tag to have it fixed.

  • Problems with Laundry. We spend a lot of money on new clothes every year with the hopes that we’ll be able to keep those clothes looking fresh and bright when they’re washed. This can become difficult when your hard water won’t cooperate. Clothes will get duller, be harder to wash, and they’ll ultimately get ruined over time with hard water. Investing in a water softener can help keep your clothes in good shape.
  • Skin and Hair Issues. When you take a shower, your hair is one of the most important parts of your body to keep clean. Hard water doesn’t mix well with hair products. It makes soap and shampoo harder to dissolve which means you’ll be leaving parts of your hair unwashed and unconditioned.
  • Soap Residue on Dishes. Since hard water has a tougher time dissolving soap, you’ll see more soap residue left on dishes when you wash them. That’s because the soap won’t run off easily with water while you clean them. Having a water softener can make this problem basically nonexistent.
  • Plumbing Problems. Perhaps the most important problem caused by hard water is with your plumbing. Plumbing systems get gunked up by the minerals that end up forming layers of sediment over time. This can ruin pipes, cause your plumbing to corrode, and overall lead to a lot of money spent on plumbing work. You can avoid this by investing in a water softener.

Call Us

Remember, these problems aren’t just inconvenient to deal with, they cost money to repair and put up with. When your clothes aren’t washing properly, you’ll probably use more detergent. You’ll waste more soap trying to wash dishes in hard water, and you’ll eventually pay more for plumbing repairs than you would with softer water. Why not just avoid these problems entirely by investing in a water softener today? Call us!

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. provides quality water softener installations in Cincinnati and beyond. Call us today.

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