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Troubles You May Notice with a Bathroom Toilet

The toilet is one of the major essentials in a home’s plumbing—a “can’t live without it” appliance. It also accounts for around 40% of the fresh water used inside a house. You simply can’t afford to have a clogged, leaking, or non-functional bathroom toilet. Although you can fix some basic problems on your own (like using a plunger for a simple clog), many of the common troubles that toilets encounter require the help of professional plumbers who offer bathroom plumbing services.

Below are a few of the problems you may notice with your toilet. Don’t ignore them, since they could soon lead to worse issues, such as leaking that can create damage to the floors. Water damage is expensive to remediate!

  • Weak flush: If a toilet is not directing enough water from the tank into the bowl when flushed, it might mean clogging in the jets due to hard water deposits, or an older toilet that simply can’t do its job any more.
  • Leaking: There are different points on a toilet where leaks can spring up. One of the most common is around the gaskets between the bowl and the tank. A decaying wax seal around the base can allow leaks along the floor—which are especially harmful because of the structural damage they can do. Other possible culprits are the fill line and cracks in the porcelain. Never ignore any type of toilet leak; have professionals on the job ASAP!
  • Suction noises from the tub or sink: If you flush the toilet and you then hear suction sounds from the nearest plumbing fixture, i.e. the bathroom sink and tub, it often means that the toilet vent pipe is clogged. This vent allows the release of sewer gas through the roof to prevent pressure build up. If it’s blocked, it will direct the gas out other pipes, creating the suction sound in other fixtures.

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