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When to Schedule Water Testing

We recently wrote about the issue of lead in drinking water and what you can do about it. The first step is arranging for professionals—like ours—to test your water. This provides you with the vital information necessary to start improving the water with treatment systems, such as water softeners and reverse osmosis filters.

However, you may not know if your home needs this important testing. When should you have it scheduled? We have advice below:

If you’ve never had it done before

No home is immune from the possibility of contamination in its water supply. There are many ways for contaminants to seep into the water on its way to a residential plumbing system. Since some pollutants do not leave obvious signs, water testing is a smart choice for any house that hasn’t had it done yet.

If you use a well for fresh water

A home that draws its water from a well rather than a municipal system ­must­ have routine testing. Because this water doesn’t go through a treatment plant, it’s vital to know what impurities are in it and how best to remove them.

If there is a noticeable change in your home’s water

What counts as a noticeable change? There are a number of things to watch for:

  • The water has taken on a different taste, such as a metallic one.
  • There is an odor from the water. A common odor is a “rotten egg” smell, which indicates sulfur.
  • The water appears cloudy.
  • There are signs of deposits on fixtures and water-using appliances.

If you have infants or elderly people in your home

Babies and infirm older people are more susceptible to impurities in the water. Lead is especially harmful for the development of young children.

Contact us today to schedule quality water testing services for your house.

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