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Ways to Tell a Septic Tank Repair is in Your Future

A septic tank is the kind of system that you’d like to forget about. Nobody really wants to spend time thinking about their waste, any more than they must. However, you’d rather not have to think about your septic tank when it’s too late –because septic tank problems can become some of the worst plumbing problems you can imagine. It’s one thing to have a leaky pipe or faulty drain, but when this drain is responsible for sending away the waste of your house- this is a problem you want to address immediately. Wait, don’t try to fix these yourself- make sure you also call a plumber in Covington, KY before you get dirty.

Are you having troubles with your plumbing but you’re not sure if it’s your septic tank? Well, there are some signs that we can use to dictate whether this is a general pipe problem or a serious issue with the plumbing in your septic tank.

So, let’s get to it.

Common Signs of Septic Trouble

Just remember what could go wrong with septic tank trouble. If any of these problems apply to you and your septic system, you really should contact a plumber immediately.

  • Slow drains all over your house. Since all of your waste pipes lead to your septic tank and filtration system, you can usually tell if there’s a problem based on the frequency of slow drains. If you have one slow drain, it could just be clogged, but if all of your drains are slowly draining- that sounds like a septic tank problem.
  • Sewage coming up from the drains. Yep, this is a no brainer. Call a professional as soon as possible if you notice this.
  • Terrible smelling lawn. This is also a fairly simple tip to notice if there’s a septic tank problem. Most septic tanks are located far enough away from the house, underneath the lawn. If your lawn smells like waste, then there’s most likely a problem with your septic tank.
  • Bright green grass. Believe it or not, your lawn loves the nutrients provided from a leaking a septic tank. Your lawn grass will be brilliantly colored and growing very fast. Unfortunately for you, this is not a good sign and should clue you in that there’s a leak somewhere.

Permanent Damage

As you’d guess with septic tank problems, leaks or other issues could cause major damage to your home or the rest of your property. Not only that, but there are huge health risks to a leaking septic system when it goes unchecked. Waste could contaminate your water supply, indoor air quality, and a plethora of other things you use in your everyday life.

While we’d all love to keep our septic tanks out of sight, out of mind, we can’t really afford to do that when problems arise. If any of the aforementioned warning signs have been made clear to you recently, contact one of our plumbing professionals to take a look at it.

Contact Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. if you think there’s a problem with your septic tank.

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