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What a Water Softener Can Do for You

We look at a lot of pipes. When we say a lot of pipes, we mean a whole lot of pipes. So trust us when we say that there are many homeowners that don’t know how affected they are by hard water. Not only that but in an age of so many DIY home remedies for skincare and haircare, it’s a huge surprise to us when more people don’t mention the benefits of a water softener.

When we inspect pipes, we notice calcium and magnesium build ups pretty regularly. It’s not just a problem in our area, it’s a problem in lots of areas in the United States where there are a lot of minerals in the ground where the water comes from. If you’re having problems with hard water in your home, perhaps it’s time to install a water softener in Cincinnati, OH to combat the side effects.

Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with quite a lot. Keep reading to find out what we mean.

The Pipes Are Calling

They’re not actually calling, but they’ll start making some kind of noise when they begin to show signs of lime build-up. You see, the minerals in hard water might be fine for your health when you drink them or bathe with them, but they’re particularly nasty to your pipes when you drain them. The magnesium and calcium often build up in your pipes leading to clogs, bursts, and leaks. Without a water softener, you’re looking at the problem occurring indefinitely, forever. So if you’re the kind of person to look into the future and save some money, consider purchasing a water softener.

Skin and Hair Care

While we mentioned that hard water isn’t bad for your health, it doesn’t help when it comes to soaps, shampoos, and detergents. The minerals in hard water react peculiarly to the different materials and if you care at all about the quality of your skin, hair, or hygiene, you might want to invest in a water softener.


When you wash your hair with shampoo, the minerals in hard water make your hair feel rough and tangled. This roughness makes it difficult for shampoo to be rinsed out, which can be damaging for your hair in the long run.


Soap can sometimes react with hard water to create calcium or magnesium salts. This renders it pretty ineffective when trying to lather yourself up in the bath or shower. Washing with soap in soft water leaves less insoluble deposits and soap can do a better job of cleaning things, including hair.


A water softener will use an ionization process to remove the calcium and magnesium from the water using salt crystals. It’s that easy! Now, the set up of the system can be quite complicated and at that point, you really need to contact your local plumbers to help get your water treated. Basically, if your plumber inspects your pipes and tells you that you’ve got some serious lime build up because of your home’s hard water, don’t discount the idea of getting a water softener.

Leave your water treatment in the hands of the professionals. Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. today!

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