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What Counts as a Plumbing Emergency?

Offering emergency plumbing services is a basic part of what we do. We know that there are times when you simply cannot wait for a contractor’s regular office hours to start before you have the help from professional plumbers that you need. We’re ready to answer your call and have one of our specially trained plumbing experts out to your house.

This does raise a question in people’s minds: What actually counts as an emergency? We’ll answer that question as best we can.

An emergency is whatever you think is an emergency

In other words, if the problem seems urgent to you, don’t overthink it: call a professional plumber immediately. It might turn out that the problem isn’t as serious as you thought it was—but it’s much better to err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to plumbing issues where damage to your home is a significant possibility. It isn’t a bother for us to get to you if you think you’ve got an emergency situation.

Some specific plumbing emergencies

  • Overflowing toilet: When a toilet won’t stop running and starts to flood, you should have a plumber on the scene right away. Make sure you shut off the freed line valve (if the toilet has one) and then call for assistance.
  • Busted pipe: This is a problem that often occurs because of frozen pipes in winter. To avoid serious flooding, have professional plumbers on the job right away.
  • Extensive clogs: A single sink clog might be something you can break through with a plunger. But when there are multiple clogs occurring, it’s probable that there is a deeper problem down in the sewer line and drainage system. This could result in back-ups around the house and even sewage flooding into the basement.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. offers emergency plumbing services in Fort Thomas, KY and throughout the Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding Tri State area.

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