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Signs You May Need Repairs for Your Tank Water Heater

Storage water heaters, also known as tank water heaters, are the most common type of water heater found in U.S. homes today. You probably have one working in your house right now, making sure that you and your family continually have quick access to a supply of hot water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

Even though modern water heaters are durable and built to last 15–20 years, there’s no way to make them completely free from malfunctions. If you keep a close watch for signs that your water heater has repair needs, you can contact experts in time to have the problem corrected before it becomes worse and you lose you hot water supply.

Some of the more common water heater repair warning signs

  • A drop in hot water volume: If people in your household start finding that the hot water is running out earlier than it should (for example during the morning shower period) it often indicates that the water heater has a broken dip tube, problems with the heat exchanger, excess sediment along the bottom of the tank, or issues with the burners.
  • Rumbling noises from the tank: First of all, don’t panic when you hear this noise. It’s highly unlikely that your water tank is about to explode. But don’t ignore the sound either, since it usually means that the tank is overheating, pressure is increasing, or cold and hot water are mixing where they shouldn’t.
  • Leaking anywhere: This is the most frequent problem that water heaters encounter. Poor soldering on the joints often results leakage, but it could be due to other trouble as well. The moment you see water pooling around the bottom of the water heater tank, call for repairs.
  • Discolored water: Hot water that takes on discoloration can mean that excess sediment has entered the tank, or there is corrosion developing. In the first case, technicians can flush out the tank. In the latter case, the tank may need to be replaced.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. offers storage tank water heater repair services in Over-the-Rhine, OH and throughout the Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding Tri State area.

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