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How Professional Plumbers Clean Your Drains

When it comes to cleaning drains due to clogs, you’ll hear the same piece of advice from all plumbers: Don’t use store-bought chemicals for this job! (We’ve even written a full post about this issue.) Although it’s fine to use a sink plunger or a simple hand-crank drain snake to attempt to remove a simple clog, there are a few problems you might encounter: 1) You may not be able to break through a tough clog this way, and 2) neither tactic will provide a long-term solution to clogging and slow drain problems, and the clog is likely to return.

This is why it’s a good idea to call for professional plumbers when you have clogs or slow drains in your house. Licensed plumbers use the best equipment available to provide true drain cleaning that not only unplugs your drains, but makes it difficult for them to plug up again.

Motorized drain augers

These devices, also known as motorized drain snakes, are a more powerful version of the simple manual drain snakes that you can purchase at hardware stores. The auger consists of a long metal coil that snakes down into a drain until it reaches the obstruction. A motor rotates the coil so it drills down into the clog and breaks it up. This is one of the fastest ways to clear out even the most obstinate clogs. Only experienced plumbers should operate a motorized drain auger, otherwise it could cause damage to the drainpipe.


A hydro-jetter allows a plumber to break through a clog and also provide a thorough scouring of the inside of the drainpipe. The device consists of a hose with a 360° directional nozzle at the end. The plumber inserts the hose deep down into the drain, and then high-pressure water blasts out the nozzle to clean out all parts of the drain. The pressure is enough to completely wash away all debris clinging to the drainpipe walls, making it hard for debris to build up again. Hydro-jetting is potentially dangerous if used incorrectly, so always leave the job to a professional plumber.

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