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Why DIY Plumbing Work Isn’t the Best Idea

There’s always an evaluation that goes on in your head when you encounter a plumbing problem. How complicated is it, and is it something I can just quickly fix myself?

We make the same kind of evaluation but the answer is always going to be yes, that we can fix it ourselves. As licensed plumbers in Cincinnati, OH, we have the necessary tools, training, and expertise to master any plumbing problem—but it’s more than the tools and training. We know how to approach every problem so that the rest of your home and plumbing system stay safe and secure.

Today, we’d like to talk about the biggest reason why we’d like to steer homeowners away from trying to do plumbing work themselves. For homeowners and property owners alike, this should always be at the forefront of your mind when taking on a plumbing job. Plumbing work is very complex.

How Plumbing Can Be So Complicated

Plumbing systems have been around since ancient times. If you can remember from your high school history class, most of the ancient civilizations we learn about originated on coastlines near a large bountiful body of water. This is because human beings have and will always need a constant supply of water to survive. Then, once the water is used, wastewater needs to be expelled somewhere safely away from where people live.

Plumbing is an ancient profession but it’s also only gotten more complex. With new appliances, massive amounts of water being moved, and different materials being used, plumbers need to have a pretty handy understanding of some math and physics surrounding fluid dynamics, pressure, and water properties.

Math and Physics Training

Water doesn’t move like it does in some cartoons or movies. There are specific properties that water exhibits which are crucial to plumbing. For instance, a large amount of water pressure can bend and break metal, or anything for that matter. Water can also be contaminated when it flows in the wrong direction, due to how quickly bacteria can travel and how the fluid flows.

Every time you approach a plumbing problem, you need to be aware of how much math and physics is required to accurately and safely fix the problem. Licensed plumbers have to go through rigorous training in order to fix these issues, so you can’t go wrong by looking to an expert.

The Consequences of Missing Something

There are three major concerns when taking on a plumbing project yourself, and these are consequences you should always be aware of.

  • Expenses. Every fix is going to cost money, but is your solution going to cost you more money with how much you damage along the way?
  • Pressure. As we mentioned earlier, incorrect water pressure, or problems with pressure, can be devastating when your pipes rupture and your plumbing becomes unstable.
  • Mold. Leaking water should never be left alone. Mold can quickly grow and become a whole-home problem.

These three concerns are easily enough of a reason to defer to a professional.

The truth is that professional plumbers know what to expect, they know what’s at stake, and they’ll always get the job done without compromising your home.

Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for comprehensive plumbing care you can count on!

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