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Let’s Deal With Your Water Quality

When you turn on the tap to drink your home’s water, what does it taste like? Are you reading that question with bottled water in hand thinking that you’d never drink water from your home’s tap? Or perhaps it’s just got a slightly weird taste but otherwise, it’s safe to drink.

The truth is that technology has come a long way in the field of water treatment systems. Whether you’ve got well water as your water source, or perhaps you use the local municipality’s water, a filtration system is always welcome in a home that needs cleaner water. That’s why we’d like to talk about reverse osmosis systems in Cincinnati, OH.

These systems are designed to remove all contaminants from your water supply as they travel through the filter. We’ll explain down below how the reverse osmosis process works, why homeowners might benefit from such a system, and we’ll talk about how to tell if your water needs professional filtration!

How Reverse Osmosis Works

When you drink water and it goes into your stomach, there’s an osmosis process that occurs for the water to reach all the cells in your body. Cells don’t have mouths or throats like we do, they have semi-permeable membranes that allow for water to pass through them but not contaminants like viruses or bacteria. This is where the idea of reverse osmosis comes from, it’s a completely natural process that we reformat to fit our everyday needs.

Reverse osmosis systems work by pushing your water through a permeable membrane. This functions through pressure and salt that allows for the water to be attracted to the other side of the membrane. Then, the membrane lets the water pass through it but it doesn’t allow any other contaminants to go with it, meaning that the only thing that passes through the filter is water!

Pressure, Salt, and a Permeable Membrane

As we mentioned earlier, by using pressure and salt, the water will voluntarily flow in a specific direction. Otherwise, it can be hard to get water to flow through such a thick membrane.

Then, once this happens, the membrane does all the hard work and you get completely filtered water.

Benefits of Filtered Water

Here are just a few benefits that come from reverse osmosis filtered water.

  • Eliminates contaminants. When your water passes through this filter, it loses the contaminants that it otherwise would have.
  • Cleans dishes and clothes more easily. Minerals can leave soap stains and make it hard for your clothes to be washed. Filtered water cleans things better.
  • Better for cooking, baking, and drinking. If you do a lot of cooking or baking in your home, reverse osmosis water will be an amazing benefit that adds great quality to your food.

Do You Need Filtered Water?

If you’re one of those homeowners that drink bottled water because your water isn’t drinkable, then you might be the perfect person to try out a reverse osmosis system. Call our team to have your water tested for contaminants and we can give you some advice on where to go from here.

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