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Yes, a Garbage Disposal Is Worth the Investment

Back in the day, a garbage disposal was somewhat of a luxury appliance. They used to be found as frequently as a bidet or a wine cooler, but as they become more common in homes, their function is becoming less of just a convenient tool and more of a staple point for reducing waste.

If you’re at all confused with what we just said—don’t worry, we’ll explain how a garbage disposal can help you reduce waste. What we want to say first is that these systems are becoming more accessible and affordable every day. With teams like ours on the job, the need to replace your garbage disposal unit or install a brand-new one isn’t nearly as daunting as it used to be.

So, if you’ve ever considered having a garbage disposal added to the plethora of kitchen appliances you depend on, now might be the perfect time!

Obvious Advantages

Let’s get the obvious advantages of a garbage disposal replacement or installation out of the way first. Ask yourself this, are you tired of constantly dumping out food waste that coalesces in your kitchen sink? Is a mesh screen not enough to keep drain clogs from constantly occurring in your sink?

Well, those days can be over if you invest in a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals, for the uninitiated, grind up food waste so that it can be easily disposed of through your waste-water system. It is then processed in your municipality’s wastewater treatment plant so that it is disposed of and the water is cleaned. This is just easier than having to dispose of food waste yourself, and it can save you valuable time when you’re cleaning for a special event.

Less-Obvious Advantages

Garbage disposals aren’t just convenient tools to make your life easier, they also provide a green solution to a problem that’s plagued homeowners for centuries.

Without a garbage disposal, there are only two options for your food waste. The first is by using trash bags and sending them, with the help of your local garbage man, to a landfill. The second is by utilizing a compost system, which can be expensive and a hassle to set up on your own property.

A garbage disposal provides a new way to dispose of waste that’s both environmentally friendly and efficient. By grinding up your food waste into something that can be disposed of in your wastewater, it is sent directly to a wastewater plant. Depending on your local municipality, these water treatment plants use types of algae to feed on waste as a sustainable alternative to using older methods like dumping or landfills.

Invest In a Garbage Disposal Today

As we’ve just described, a garbage disposal is a convenient and useful piece of technology. With a team like ours at your disposal, you can have one installed in your home today for an affordable price. No need to worry about how it’s done, leave the expert plumbing to us!

Contact the team at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for a brighter future with professional garbage disposal installation or replacement.

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