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Will a Tankless Water Heater Really Work for My Home?

If you are looking into having a new water heater installed for your house during the fall (and fall is a great time to have this job done), you may be considering making the change from the standard storage tank water heater to a tankless water heater. With tankless water heaters becoming more popular each year, it’s tempting to put one at the top of your list of options. But you may also feel hesitant about it. Adopting any new technology creates a sense of risk in people. Is this “miraculous” tankless water heater really going to be able to meet your home’s hot water demands while saving money?

The Answer: Probably

Okay, that might not be the definite “yes” or “no” that you wanted to hear. But there’s a reason for that: all households are different and have varied requirements when it comes to energy use and hot water consumption. This is why consulting with professionals, such as our water heater installation experts, is so important. We know how to gauge your home’s water and energy use and determine if a tankless water heater is a good fit for your budget and household.

However, tankless systems are usually effective, and there are few situations where they won’t offer numerous benefits and savings. Right from the start, there’s the advantage of the extended warranty. The average warranty for a conventional storage tank water heater is 6 years. But a tankless water heater usually has a warranty of 15 years. And that makes sense, because tankless systems have longer service lives—more than 20 years—which is twice what you can expect from a storage tank system. When you factor in the lower energy use and compact size of a tankless system, these are advantages you are almost sure to enjoy.

We encourage you to consider a tankless water heater installation. To make sure that you have the ideal type of system for your needs, let our experts assist you each step of the way.

To find out more about your water heater options, call on Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. We service Hyde Park, OH and throughout the Cincinnati Area.

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