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My Drains Clog All the Time—What’s Wrong?

The drain clog is probably the most common plumbing annoyance that people deal with. Even with the cleanest drains in a home, clogs will still occasionally appear to make life a bit more difficult. There’s simply no way to prevent all clogging, although with regular drain cleaning and caution about what is allowed to go down a drain, you can probably keep clogs in your home to a minimum.

If you start to have clogs happen on a regular basis, then there may be something else wrong. We’ve listed some of the reasons for frequent clogs below. In most cases, you’ll need to contact our plumbers for the repairs to restore your drains.

  • Build-up in the pipes: Over time, organic waste can collect on the walls of pipes, particularly kitchen pipes. This will reduce the available volume in the drainpipe and make it much easier for a single object to create a complete clog. The fix for this is to have plumbers perform hydro-jetting, which will scour away the organic lining. Arrange for this service annually, and you can avoid trouble in the future.
  • Hard water build-up: If your home has hard water (i.e. water with a high mineral count), it will leave calcium deposits on drainpipes. Like organic build-up, this will make clogging a frequent problem. Hydro-jetting can get rid of the build-up, but we recommend you also address the hard water problem and have a water softener installed.
  • Sewer line issues: Are the clogs occurring all around your home, in drains in different rooms? Then you may have a deeper problem with the plumbing down in the sewer line, such as a line break or tree root infiltration. Plumbers will have to look into this and see what needs to be done to restore the sewer line. It can be anything from hydro-jetting the length of the sewer line to replacing it entirely.

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