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Benefits of a Water Softener

Do you have minerals or sediment in your water? You might not be able to notice if you’ve got problems with hard water since the issues tend to affect your plumbing system more than they do your personal health.

Hard water is completely safe to drink, use for bathing, and for cleaning which is why it can be hard to notice when your plumbing is really struggling to keep up. The only personal effect that you might notice is an effect on your skin and hair because hard water makes soap and shampoo less effective. Basically, it might be time for you to install a water softener.

If you’ve never heard of a water softener before, you’re not alone. These are pretty niche systems, designed for homes that have water with a high concentration of calcium and magnesium, minerals that often build up and erode your pipes.

Think your home might need a water softener? Well, keep reading and find out!

Reasons to Soften Your Water

Even if your home might be dealing with a hard water problem that’s not as bad as it could be, there still are several benefits that your plumbing and personal health could see with the installation of a water softener.

  • Cleaner silverware, glassware, tiles, or plumbing fixtures. When there are more minerals in your water, it makes it harder for the detergent to dissolve, leaving very clear water streaks and other marks on your dishes when trying to clean them. While this doesn’t necessarily make your dishes dirtier, for anyone with a home that they’d like to keep spotless—this might not look the best.
  • Softer skin, healthier hair. Do you buy a lot of products for your hair and skin? Well, the effectiveness of those products gets cut down drastically when bathing in hard water, specifically because the minerals make it harder for soap, shampoo, and conditioner to dissolve. Your hair will have a harder time absorbing hair products and your skin will be dryer.
  • Softer clothes. Similarly to what we’ve been saying, your clothes won’t have hard minerals trapped within the fabric when watching them if your water has been softened by a water softener.
  • Reduce problems in water appliances and pipes. This is the biggest, most important problem that a water softener solves. Your water-consuming appliances like dishwasher, coffee machine, or ice-maker will last longer without the hard mineral buildup that would occur without a water softener. This goes for your plumbing as well.

Avoid Plumbing Issues

People underestimate the amount of water we use daily. So, when a problem occurs with calcium and magnesium being deposited anywhere we use our water, this quickly becomes an extensive problem that can shorten the lifespan of a home’s plumbing by a large margin.

Without a water softener, you might start experiencing frequent clogs, stains, and other plumbing problems due to the increased amount of minerals in your water. Don’t let this become normal, there are solutions available for homeowners when you call a professional master plumber.

Work with professional plumbers to get a water softener installed today. Call our team at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc.

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