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What Is a Reverse Osmosis System? And Should You Get One?

When you want better quality water in your house, there are a few different options available for installing whole-house water treatment systems. Water filters and various types of water purifiers are the most common types, but it’s vital that you depend on a professional to find what exact kind of treatment system will do the job you need: there is no such thing as a universal water treatment system that targets all types of contamination.

One of the choices for water treatment available to you is a reverse osmosis system. This is an extremely powerful way to remove pollutants from water that works through a natural process.

How a Reverse Osmosis System Purifies Water

A reverse osmosis system is essentially a type of filter. It’s installed into the plumbing to create two areas of water pressure separated by a thin, semi-porous membrane. The water on the incoming side is kept at a much higher pressure, and this causes a movement of water from the high-pressure area to the lower pressure one, i.e. osmosis. The pressure difference forces the water through the membrane, and the membrane traps extremely small impurities and removes them from the water supply. Normally, water wouldn’t pass through such a tight filtering screen—it requires osmosis to make it happen.

Finding the Right Water Treatment System

A reverse osmosis filter is effective for dealing with heavy metals, arsenic, chemicals, and small minerals. These often slip through more conventional filters. However, a reverse osmosis system can also create water pressure issues throughout the plumbing if it is a poor fit. This is why you must make sure that going with reverse osmosis is right for your plumbing. A professional can help you make the best choice.

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