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Drain Clog Prevention: Watch Out for FOG

drain-and-spoonWhen we tell you to “watch out for FOG!”, we don’t mean to be cautious of sinister figures lurking in a mist spreading across the city at night. (Although you should always drive cautiously in fog, no matter the time of day.) The “fog” we’re talking about is FOG, an acronym for “fats, oils, and grease.” They are some of the worst things that can affect the drains in your home—specifically the kitchen drain, although they can get down into the sewer line as well and make trouble for the entire house.

If you’re cautious about preventing FOG from going into the drains, you can reduce the chance of having major clog problems.

What’s so wrong with fats, oils, and grease?

FOG is deceptive. The reason you might think it can’t be so bad for a kitchen drain is that it’s usually in liquid form when you’re cooking. For example, when you’re done cooking with a skillet, there’ll be a leftover layer of cooking grease and fats along the bottom of the pan. The easiest way to dispose of it is simply to pour it down into the drain. It’s a liquid, after all. How could it be a problem?

The problem is that FOG doesn’t remain a liquid. If you left that skillet pan out for an hour or so, away from heat, what would you find in it? A sticky, solid residue you’d have to wipe out of the skillet using a paper towel. This is what happens when FOG cools off—it becomes an obstinate solid deposit. Imagine this developing along the interior of your drain pipe. Now you’ll start to see why this will lead to bad news later on. The volume of the pipe will shrink, and it’ll be much easier for clogs to start.

What you can do with FOG

Keep a grease receptacle near the kitchen sink, such as a mason jar or a soda can with the top taken off. Pour the excess FOG into this, and take it to the trash later. If you only have a small amount to get rid of, place paper towels into the top of a trash can and pour the FOG out onto it. For larger amounts, you may want to place the receptacle into the freezer. This will make the FOG easier and less messy to dispose of.

There’s another step you can take: professional drain cleaning

You probably have some FOG buildup already in your drains, and there’s no way to stop every drop from entering the pipes. This is why we recommend you schedule annual drain cleaning with our plumbers. Using the best tools, such as hydro-jetting equipment, we can scour the inside of your drainpipes to clean off any buildup and give your plumbing a fresh start. There’s no better way to make your year clog-free!

No matter if you need service for your drains, sewer lines, or water lines in Hamilton, OH, you can depend on our licensed plumbers.

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