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Is Your Septic Tank Leaking? 3 Signs to Watch Out For

Septic tanks play a highly valuable role in our homes in eliminating wastewater. Despite their importance, they are often out of sight, and therefore out of mind most of the time. It’s therefore difficult to notice when the septic tank has issues such as leaks. Most people suffer for several weeks before identifying the source of the problem.

The more you wait, the worse the problems will get, and the more difficult and expensive they will be to resolve. You, therefore, want to get the issue repaired as quickly as possible. Reach out to us today for sewage pump services in Cincinnati, OH, and avoid long-lasting damages and inconvenience. 

In this guide, we discuss some signs you should look out for to know if your septic tank is leaking.

Persistent Foul Odor

One sure indication of a leak in your septic tank is a persistent foul odor throughout the property. The awful smell of sewer gasses in your yard could be an indication of a cracked lid or septic tank body. The stench is strongest where the tank is buried, and goes on for days on end.

As soon as you notice a strong foul smell, get the assessment of skilled plumbing professionals for a more accurate diagnosis of what might be causing it. If you wait for too long, it might be too late to salvage the tank and necessitate replacement.

Lush Green Grass Around Your Tank

It is every home owner’s dream to have lush and healthy green lawns. However, if you notice bright green patches of grass concentrated around the area where your septic tank is buried, it might be a sign of an underlying leak.

The effluent from your septic tank is usually rich in nitrogen and phosphate, both of which are effective fertilizers that cause the grass to grow quicker and appear lush or greener than the rest of your yard. 

It is also possible for acidic waste to escape from a leaking septic tank. This could result in browning and dying off of vegetation around the area of your septic tank.

If you notice these signs, keep yourself, your family, and your pets away from this area and call in the professionals to inspect your septic tank for any leaks.

Constant Sewer Clogs

Your septic system should operate like a symphony with all components functioning correctly. If you notice that your sinks are blocking or water drains slowly from your toilet, it could be an indication of a leaking septic tank.

A crack in your tank can allow groundwater to seep in causing it to fill up quicker than usual. The clogging can also be a result of sludge and scum. You should also keep an ear out for unusual noises from the drains. If you don’t hear the resonating sounds of well-functioning pipes, then you could have a clog in the system.

Sewer clogs can cause pooling and backing up of wastewater, which is a health hazard. Untreated sewage can cause serious health issues and should be handled by professionals as soon as possible.

It’s Time To Call in the Professionals

The best way to ensure that your septic system is running properly is to care for your system. This can be through simple acts like not flushing anything that shouldn’t be flushed and scheduling regular maintenance with skilled plumbing professionals. Don’t wait till the issue gets out of hand before taking action.

If you suspect that your septic tank could be leaking or damaged or you just want regular maintenance, Call Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. to get in touch with a skilled plumbing professional. 

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