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3 Signs Your Sewer Needs to Be Cleaned

Sewers can run into all sorts of problems. From back-ups to leaks, you probably arrived on this blog post because you’ve been furiously searching online about the worst-case scenario. Well, the good news is that you’ve got a local team nearby who can help you when the going gets tough. We’re known throughout the area for being Cincinnati’s go-to professional plumbing team, and there’s no sewer that we can’t clean properly.

In order to prevent most of the problems that occur with a sewer system, you’ll want to invest in proper sewer cleaning services. Sewer clogs and problems caused by a backup can often be expensive to fix and are likely the result of years of neglect. So, in order to fight against these problems, our first tip is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Here are a few signs that your sewer needs to be cleaned.

1. It’s Clogged or Leaking

What happens when you fill a water bottle to the brim and keep pouring more water in? Eventually it overflows and the water goes elsewhere. This can happen to your sewer if it gets clogged up. It will start exhibiting problems that lead to strange occurences.

When your sewer is leaking, you can usually tell this by seeing discharge in your yard or noticing that your grass is extra green in certain places. This is because your sewer contaminants act as fertilizer for your lawn.

Basically, if your sewer is leaking, it could be from the fact that it’s so dirty and clogged up that it’s starting to rupture. Regular sewer cleaning can be a great way to mitigate this problem.

2. Slow Drains

One slow drain is usually just a drain clog. However, if all of the drains in your home are slow, then this could be from a sewer clog. All of your drains are connected to your sewer line, so it makes sense that a clog would cause a backup in all of your drains.

This can be a huge sign that you need to have your sewer cleaned because your drains are something that you use every day. This problem won’t go away on its own and it will likely get worse over time. It’s also one of the hardest signs to ignore because of how much we use our drains, so do yourself a favor and call our team to have your sewer cleaned.

3. It’s Been a Long Time

Look, we can’t tell you the exact condition of your sewer. These systems are far out of sight and out of mind, and that’s for a good reason. We’re not psychic, and a lot of the time we’ve never even seen the original condition of your sewer system.

So, how can we still help you? By performing sewer cleaning services on a regular basis. It becomes harder for clogs and leaks to develop if your sewer system is constantly in impeccable shape. Once you start thinking of this kind of service as a regular cost of having a sewer, then you’ll avoid the majority of problems that come with a sewer backup.

The pros at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. have your back. Just give us a call for proper sewer cleaning services.

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