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A Drain Hassle Is No Problem for a Professional

We’ve all been there—dealing with a clogged drain or a stuck toilet that just won’t budge no matter how many drain snakes or plungers you use. You’d be surprised how much time this drains from your day while you try and think of the next best solution. Should you go to the grocery store and buy chemical drain cleaners? Of perhaps you should just keep trying with your drain snake well into the hours of the morning?

Plumbers can take care of these issues, quickly and effectively, for a price that’s not bad by any means. People only like to call plumbers when it’s the last resort, and by then it is usually too late. So, we’d like to shine a spotlight on drain cleaning services that are offered by professional plumbers and talk a little bit about why calling a professional for this kind of job is a good idea.

What a Professional Can Do

You’re probably asking yourself, “Hey, what can a professional plumber do that I can’t?” It’s a good question, especially if you’re looking to save money and avoid a visit by a plumber. The truth is, though, a plumber has a unique set of tools and the experience that allows them to fix drain problems like clogs without damaging your plumbing system in the process.

Things like chemical drain cleaners and poorly sized plungers might seem like they work at the time, but what you’re really doing is harming the parts of your plumbing that you can’t see, exacerbating the issue and possibly causing a large plumbing repair down the line. If you’re wondering what tools a professional has at their disposal, keep reading!!

Industrial Equipment

Plungers and drain snakes are pretty nifty to have on hand, but master plumbers have more industrial-grade equipment that is much more effective. A plumber likely has different sized plungers that can fit different sized drains, like sinks and shower drains, not just your toilet. This is important because a plunger needs to create a seal with the drain in order to pressure the clog to be released. If you’ve got an improperly sized plunger, you’re never going to have the pressure necessary to remove a clog.

Plumbers also have access to industrial-grade drain snakes, which are usually made out of more durable material and do a better job of snagging on hair or other materials that are clogging your drain.

Hydro Jetting

Then there are the heavy hitters. Hydro jets are augers equipped with a powerful water jet that allows pressurized water to blow out any clog or material that’s causing issues in your drains. This equipment is not meant to be used by anyone without the proper plumbing certifications, which means sometimes there will be jobs that only a plumbing professional can take care of.

Just remember this when you’re struggling to remove a clog in your drain and you spend 6-8 hours constantly plunging it or snaking it to see if it gets any better. This problem could be resolved in much less time if a professional plumber takes control.

Speaking of professional plumbers, the team at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. has the right tools and expertise to clear your drain clog. Call us today!

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