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Signs You Could Use a Water Softener

If you’re one of the many homeowners who read that title and took a step back and said “how can my water be soft or hard?” you’re not alone. It’s hard to know the quality of water aside from taste and safety, and the mineral content can be a cause for major problems.

While it’s nice to know that mineral content in your water won’t be a health or safety hazard to you, it’s not nice when you find out that your plumbing system is starting to degrade and fall apart because of it. Luckily, there are experts like us on hand who can install a water softener and keep your plumbing system, clothes, dishes, and everything else in your home in better condition.

Take a look at some of the common signs that you’re dealing with hard water issues. We promise that there are solutions out there that can make your life a lot easier!

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that comes from your municipal water source with minerals dissolved in it. Anything from calcium to magnesium can be present in water that originates from natural sources. While it might change the taste of it slightly, human beings can still drink hard water just fine. Your plumbing and appliances need some help with it though.

What Hard Water Does

Hard water can cause sediment to build up within your pipes. These types of deposits are also known as scale deposits, and they occur from water that gets heated. As hot water travels through your pipes to your faucet or shower, when some of the water evaporates, the minerals inside the water do not, meaning they build up on whatever surface the water is on. This can become a problem for other things in your home as well.

  • Damaged pipes. The first and most important problem that comes from dealing with hard water is the effect it can have on your pipes. You’ll start seeing a lot more pipe clogs and leaks as the scaling starts to really take a toll on your plumbing.
  • Unclean clothes and dishes. Hard water also makes it hard for materials like detergent to dissolve. That means when you’re trying to wash your clothes or your dishes, your clothes might come out less clean and less colorful than they would with water that can absorb more detergent.
  • Problems washing your hair and body. Your body is no exception to hard water problems! Hard water tends to make it harder to wash your body with soap or shampoo. You might even notice a poor quality in your hair when you pay close attention.
  • Broken appliances. All of the water traveling into your dishwasher or laundry unit is going to start causing problems if there is a large number of minerals in it.

Get a Water Softener Today

Water softeners are pieces of technology that remove the minerals from your water safely and effectively. All of the problems above can be avoided with a state of the art water softener.

Are you dealing with hard water problems? Call the crew at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for a new water softener installation today!

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