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Don’t Panic: Our Guide to a Clogged Drain


The holidays are here and the worst possible thing that could’ve happened, has–your drain has clogged. What a bummer.

Drain clogs unfortunately occur pretty commonly this time of year. With more people cooking, cleaning, and hosting family members with kids, we’ve seen many drain clogs that centered around “toys send down the drain for an adventure” and frustrated parents who don’t know what to do. Well, let’s nip this problem in the bud and get things figured out, preferably before your family arrives for the great big holiday dinner.

First of all, we want to talk about the importance of video pipe inspection in Cleves, OH when you’re evaluating how bad the damage might be. This can be an amazing tool to help you stay ahead of any serious problems like a sewer clog. Then, we’ll discuss some fun tips to help keep your drain cleared as you prepare for this holiday season.

First Step: Relax

One of the best bits of plumbing advice we can give homeowners is this–don’t panic. It’s important to take a step back every now and then and remember that the world isn’t ending. A plumbing problem can always be fixed, and depending on how versatile and friendly your plumbing professional is, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. In fact, learning how we got here is going to make you better and stronger than you were before.

Take a moment to take a deep breath, shut off the water if you’re dealing with a leak, and stop using the sink if you’re dealing with a clog. Then, hand this over to our team for help.

Second Step: Video Pipe Inspection

The next thing is diagnosing the problem. Many problems are obvious, like leaks and single drain clogs. But other problems can be a bit harder to see.

For instance, if you’ve got multiple slow or clogged drains on the first floor of your home, you might have a sewer clog which is a much different problem to deal with. Or, if you’ve got a leak, in some underground exterior pipes, there could be tree roots infiltrating it and causing a ruckus.

Basically, video pipe inspection will always be a great first step in evaluating the damage and figuring out what needs to be done. It’s fast, cheap, and it can give you the certainty you’re looking for.

Third Step: Schedule Drain Cleaning

Next, if you’re dealing with a drain clog this holiday season, schedule a fast drain cleaning appointment with one of our professionals. We can use a hydro jet system that uses high-pressured water to remove any and all clogging material from your drains in an all-natural way. Once this is done, we can assure you that your pipes will be in great shape from here on out.

Fourth Step: Best Practices

Now, it’s up to you to continue the legacy and keep your pipes in great shape.

  • Keep fats, oils, and greases out of your kitchen sink and in the garbage for disposal.
  • Utilize a mesh screen to keep food waste out of your drains so they don’t contribute to clogs.
  • Invest in regular drain cleaning services at the advice of your plumbing professional.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. will always have your back when you need help with your drains. Contact us today.

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