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FAQ: Hydro Jetting and How It Works

We talk a lot about hydro jetting on this blog, mainly because it’s something that we’re trying to spread awareness of. A lot of homeowners know that a plumber can help them with drain and sewer clogs, but not many homeowners know exactly how this is done.

There’s an image that many people have of a plumber with a plunger or a drain snake, but high-tech equipment like a hydro jet is usually left out of the cartoon depictions of plumbers you see in ads and on billboards.

In truth, plumbers have exceptionally powerful ways to deal with drain clogs. Hydro jetting in Cincinnati, OH is just one of many tools that a professional plumber has to deal with clogging materials like grease and solid waste.

If you’ve ever wondered how this technology works, or why a pressurized water pump has what it takes to clear out any clogging material in your drain, then keep reading. We’ll cover that and more.

“How Does Hydro Jetting Work?”

Hydro jetting is just one of the many solutions that a plumber has when dealing with a clogged drain. While a plunger still works as well as you might think, a hydro jet is a certain calibre of solution that sits above the rest.

Basically, if a clog is so tough that it might not be able to be plunged or taken out with a drain snake, a hydro jet is used by a plumber to remove it completely.

A hydro jet works by using pressurized water from a nozzle at the end of an auger that fits in a pipe. The water comes out at such a high pressure that it is strong enough to remove pretty much any clogging materials that might be in your pipe.

But, because it’s just water, it’s not going to be damaging to your pipes or your home, and it will easily rush out once the clog is gone.

“Does a Hydro Jet Only Use Water?”

Yes! But more importantly, a hydro jet uses pressurized water, which is powerful.

Think about it: a tsunami or a tidal wave is still “just water” but it’s enough water to do serious damage to large structures. A hydro jet operates with the same principle, except using that power to your advantage.

Grease and hygiene products can be some of the harshest materials to remove from your drain. They clog things up and can be nearly impossible to remove if they’re stuck there for long enough. But a hydro jet is powerful enough to remove it all and only uses water, so it can remove even the most stuck-in clog without any adverse side effects.

“When Is a Hydro Jet the Best Solution?”

If you’ve been relentlessly plunging your drain or trying to put a drain snake down there for days, and you think that a plumber won’t do a better job than you, then a hydro jet might be the best solution.

However, homeowners should never purchase their own hydro jetting system. This technology can be extremely expensive and a professional has the training necessary to operate it.

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. can help with your plumbing needs. Contact us today to have your drain hydro jetted.

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