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Let’s Talk About Your P-Trap


Are you confused as to what the “P-trap” might be? Well here’s a cool exercise that could get you in the right mindset for this blog. Head into your kitchen where the sink is, and open up the cabinets beneath it.

Sort through some of the cleaning materials or bottles that might be down there until you see the drainpipe connected to your sink.

Most pipes in this area should look like a sideways letter “P,” and if not then that might be the source of your problems!

The P-trap is a component that’s well named because it looks just like the letter P.

It’s designed to help your sink drain send waste to the sewer without allowing sewer gases to permeate into your kitchen and make things worse.

If you’re noticing something wrong with your kitchen plumbing in Cleves, OH, then it could be a problem with the P-trap!

What the P-Trap Does

The P-trap has a pretty unique function as far as plumbing appliances go, and it’s really a scientific marvel in what it does!

Basically, if you remember your high school physics class, gases are lighter than liquids and they’ll rise up in the atmosphere whereas liquids and solids will be pulled down.

Sewer gases and odors that produce powerful smells will rise up from your sewer system, which can be a terrible experience in a home kitchen. But the liquid of the kitchen sink will go downwards towards the sewer system, as these two forces begin to collide.

A P-trap simply traps the sewer gases behind a wall of liquid from your sink so that no fumes or foul odors can reach your living space, but you don’t need to pay for any electrical component to do this job. All your P-trap needs to work is gravity and some liquid from the sink!

3 Issues With Your Kitchen Plumbing

Now, if you don’t have a P-trap, or if your P-trap is broken in some way (either leaking or in disrepair), then you might encounter some of these problems as a result.

  • A dry P-trap. If a P-trap has a leak or some kind of problem, it could dry up which means that the sewer gases are going to enter into your living space. This could lead to foul odors and other problems that ruin the sanitation of your home. Be sure to call a professional to have this looked at so your house can go back to normal.
  • Gurgling drains. A gurgling drain is usually one that’s starting to clog, which can be in the P-trap or further down the drain system. Either way, a clogged drain is not going to be very fun to deal with, so get your drain cleaned ASAP.
  • A leaking pipe. Yes, your P-trap can spring a leak, just like any other pipe in your home. And because it sends so much wastewater through it, it can be a pain to have leaking under the sink. Make sure you contact a plumber to have it repaired.

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