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Multiple Clogged Drains: What They Mean


One clogged drain is an issue that can be frustrating. Trying to snake or plunge a single drain is often something that takes a lot of time and can even require a professional plumber.

But once that one clog is gone, you’re in good shape again. What happens if you have multiple drain clogs?

Perhaps two bathrooms are clogged up, or all of the clogs on the first floor are starting to clog?

This could be a sinister problem that’s not just multiple inconvenient clogs at once–it could be the start of a sewer clog.

Sewer clogs are unique problems and they come with their own set of solutions. But one thing is clear, there’s not much a homeowner can do to alleviate it.

A problem with your sewer line installation in Covington, KY can be a big ordeal, and you’re going to want the pros on the job.

Investigating Your Drains

First things first, take a trip around your house to investigate your drains. Jot down how many of them are clogged, or at least clogging, and denote where they are.

You might start to detect certain patterns like the drains of two adjacent rooms slowing down. This could be a sign that there’s some connecting pipe that those two rooms are hooked up to that’s starting to clog.

Perhaps a trip to your basement or crawlspace could help you identify which pipe this might be. Either way, a professional can clean that drain and get it in good shape.

There’s also the consideration of your sewer system. Let’s get into why a sewer clog is a problem with gravity, just as much as it’s a problem with the materials clogging it.

The Issue of Gravity

What goes up must come down, right? This is pretty well-known when discussing how gravity works. It’s a natural force that pulls us down towards the earth, and that’s just how things are.

With drains, we try to use gravity to help water and waste flow downwards away from our homes. Then, we need to use pumps to make it flow upwards again.

When a sewer clogs, all of the closes drains to it are going to clog up first, which are the drains that are lowest to the ground.

This is why a sewer clog is going to show itself when homeowners notice that all of their first-story drains are beginning to clog, while the upstairs drains still function normally.

This is because they’re closer to the sewer system than the other units, and gravity has more of an impact on your second story drains, which lets them flow freely.

A Sewer Cleaning Can Only Be Done Professionally

If you’re starting to think that you might have a sewer issue, then we’d like to be honest. Sewer problems are not like having a normal drain clog, they require experience, technology, and specific training in order to be done properly.

If you try to fix your sewer on your own, or alleviate a clog, you could end up doing major damage to your property which leads to unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.

Do yourself a favor and hire the pros.

There’s only one team you need to get in touch with–Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc.

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