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Hot Days and Your Plumbing

As the heat begins to pummel our homes day after day this summer, your plumbing is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. Plumbing systems are supposed to be robust, right? They’re supposed to last no matter what the climate is like. While that’s definitely true, different temperatures and climates bring different problems to the table.

For instance, summertime sees an increase in water usage as well as the sporadic growth of trees and their roots, which can spell out some serious issues for a plumbing system. The increased use of water and these other issues that can arise are not difficult to traverse with the help of a professional plumber.

Does your plumbing in Hamilton, OH need help this summer? Or are you doing just fine? Keep reading as we talk about some of the major summertime plumbing problems and detail ways you can tell you’re dealing with an issue.

What Heat Does

First of all, let’s get one thing straight—heat does a number of things to plumbing systems. First, it causes metal pipes to expand, which can lead to breaks or leaks. Don’t worry, this pipe expansion really only happens to old plumbing systems that haven’t been maintained or adequately treated for a long time. The list doesn’t stop there though. There are several negative things that can occur in your plumbing due to summer heat. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Tree Roots

Trees grow like crazy during the spring and summer. You might not notice it as it’s happening because they’re already so large, but trees can grow up to two centimeters a day when precipitation is right. This is pretty rapid growth, and when coming up against your pipes, the trees will usually win.

This isn’t something catastrophic if you have a team of professionals on hand to deal with it. Tree roots infiltrate pipes all the time, especially during the summer. Our team has the tools and expertise to deal with this problem in an effective and affordable manner. Give us a call.

More Water Usage

The hotter it is, the more water our community uses. That seems to be a fundamental law of nature these days. From taking more frequent showers to having to drink water after a day of outdoor activity, we need that water to keep us healthy and hydrated. That can be difficult for a plumbing system that’s not up to the task.

If your plumbing system is old and having trouble during spring, chances are it will start giving you serious problems during summer as well. Summertime is a true test of the ability of your plumbing system to handle your water needs. If it doesn’t, call us.

Lifestyle Changes

All those frequent showers and drinks of water put a lot of strain on the valves and pumps in your home’s plumbing system. Pay close attention to your plumbing and how your summer lifestyle treats it. Don’t forget to have the system maintained when you’d like to know the condition it’s in. Regardless of whether you’re trying to prevent problems, or you’re dealing with a problem right now, call our team.

Call the pros at Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. for quality plumbing care this summer.

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