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A Few Regular Bathroom Plumbing Problems

toilet-plumbing-concerned-womanThe bathroom uses more water than any other room in the house. Considering how much water goes to daily showering, this makes a lot of sense. The toilet alone accounts for 40% of all indoor water use. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that a large part of the work of a professional plumber centers on providing installations, repairs, and maintenance for the bathroom plumbing.

We’ve been handling professional plumbing in Cincinnati, OH since 1972, so we’ve seen just about every type of bathroom plumbing trouble that can possibly exist. To help you get a better understanding of the sort of repairs you may need for your bathroom’s fixtures, pipes, etc., we’ve put together a list of the most common plumbing troubles in this room.

The continually running toilet

You’ve probably encountered this before. Most of the time, you only have to jiggle the handle to get it to stop. If the problem is occurring frequently, it’s likely because of a degraded flapper that needs to be replaced. The chain from the handle to the flapper may also be tangled. If you can’t discover what’s causing it, call for a plumber.

Hair clogs in the shower and sink drains

Slow shower and sink drains are a frequent nuisance. At times, you can use a sink plunger to fix the problem. (Don’t use a toilet plunger, which is shaped differently and not effective for standard drains.) At other times, you can use a hand-cranked drain snake. But if the issue is hair clogs, the best method is to allow a professional to clean the drains. This not only eliminates the clogging, but it also makes it harder for the clogs to return. And whatever you do, don’t resort to chemical drain cleaners, which can damage the drainpipe interior.

Low water pressure

This is an annoyance when you try to take a shower and find the water pressure is too weak. If you only notice this at one faucet, it’s probably silt caught in the aerator. Unscrew the aerator and clean it out. If the pressure is dropping at other taps, the issue may stem from water leaks or municipal plumbing troubles. If the problem persists, have a plumber investigate.

Bad smells from the drains

A sewer stench coming from the drains is often a major warning that you’ve got trouble down in the sewer line for your house, and this needs immediate professional attention. However, if the odor is coming from a sink or shower that hasn’t been used in a few weeks, the p-trap in the drain (the curved section) is probably dry and allow sewer gas to move the wrong direction. Pour water down the drain and this should solve the problem.

Leaking pipes

There are many pipes serving bathroom appliances. If you see leaking or water spots, don’t try to do a DIY fix on it. Let a plumber see the job is done fast, correctly, and with as little disruption to your bathroom as possible.

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